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A HOME for the holidays!

Leslie Brown

Wow, this is such a gratifying story! I hope it is as uplifting for you as it was for me. We all need a “lift” sometimes; and this one brought me “happy” tears!

Cara Simmons is a hard-working mother of three; she works seven days a week as a house-keeper. Several times of late, she has been hospitalized for exhaustion, with medical bills piling up. According to her family “she would give a person the shirt off her back”.

Her boss has nothing but good things to say about Cara too. This woman has an amazing work ethic, not to mention some enviably high cheekbones he he!

Cara is “pranked” in a show called “Prank it Forward”. In the ruse, she is assigned to a new client for housekeeping duties. The “client” is supposedly preparing for an engagement at her home that evening, and solicits Cara’s input in tasting a multi-course meal prepared by a gourmet chef working in the kitchen.

Then, Cara is tasked with the “quality control” of a massage to make sure the two massage therapists “hired for the party” are acceptable for the upcoming event by receiving a fabulous massage. This is followed by the “owner” of the home treating Cara to some “hand-me-downs” which are actually new items selected for Cara by her family.

At the gloriously conclusion of this day, Cara’s family is brought in to share the joy and surprise of the newly renovated home given to her and her family.


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