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Never too late!

Leslie Brown

My kids saw me studying…for years, finally getting my Bachelor’s at 40; I think it was good for them since my oldest is now a doctor, and my youngest, who is in college is my “gifted” one. It’s never to late!

Susan Boyle was discovered at age 48. Laura Ingalls Wilder published her first book at age 64. Benjamin Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence when he was 70. At 75 Nelson Mandela became the president of South Africa, and married on his 80th birthday. Julia Child began her famous cooking show, The French Chef at 51. The first edition of the famous thesaurus “Roget’s Thesaurus” was published when Roget was 73. Ghandi began the movement for Indian independence when he was 61, and the artist “Grandma Moses” didn’t begin painting until she was 71.(1)

Soooo, there will be no “soaking in your juices of sorrow” as my goofy family calls it! Get off your duff and do something like this lady who became a Girl Scout at age 81! Her family could not afford the fee when she was a youngster, so by golly, she made it happen!

Marilyn Vleck is living proof it’s never too late to chase a dream.

For her 81st birthday, the Nebraska woman celebrated by finally becoming a Girl Scout. She’d wanted to don the uniform all her life, reports KMTV, but her family couldn’t afford the fee when she was a child, so she put it off for a few years.

Her sister, Donna Lahoda, intended to surprise Vleck with a used Girl Scout uniform for her birthday, but the organization did her one better and decided to induct her into the organization instead. Judging by the Girl Scouts of Nebraska’s stated mission of helping girls “build courage, confidence and character,” we think Vleck will fit in just fine.

At 81, Vleck may be one of the older Girl Scouts in Nebraska, but still has some distance to go to catch Mildred Guenther, who was recognized as the state’s oldest girl scout in 2012 when she was 97 years old, the Beatrice Daily Sun reported.

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