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Alpha Females & Beta Males

Christopher Harris

One of the greatest afflictions in this country, is the rise of the Alpha Female, and their Beta Male flunkies. There is nothing natural about this. There is no balance and symmetry, nothing complementary about the relationship between Alpha Females & Beta Males. In fact, it’s the most UN-natural, UN-balanced, and chaotic thing that can happen to a society.

The relationship between men and women is supposed to be symbiotic,  not adversarial. Leftist/Regressive/Socialist ideology promotes strife and discord between men and women. All you have to do is look within the Community of Blacks in this country, and you can see the results of nearly 50 years of “social experiments” carried out by Leftist/Regressive/Socialist minded Democrats.

The end result of this experimentation, is that a large percentage of Blacks have become Marxist minded “African-Americans”, and the relationship between “African-American Females” and “African-American Males” is tenuous, at best. Ultimately, this means that the Black family unit has all but been destroyed, because, the majority of Black males have now become either:
A) Hyper-Emotional and Effeminate.
B) Hyper-Emotional and Ultra-Aggressive.
C) Straight up Beta Males.

Angry Black Woman

Meanwhile, far too many Black females have simply become Hyper-Emotional and Ultra Aggressive “Alpha Females”. When you see a happy, functional marriage (which means A MAN and A WOMAN), it is all but guaranteed that you are NOT looking at a marriage between an Alpha Female and a Beta Male, because Alpha Females hate themselves…and they really hate males. And Beta Males only think and do what Alpha Females tell them to think and do…which is why Alpha Females hate them.

The shame is, as our friend Bill Whittle lays out in this classic video, “Beta Males” are pretty useless to society as a whole. And ever since the dope-smoking, Leftist/Regressive/Socialist minded, Baby Boomer Hippies have been in charge, we have increasingly become a “Beta Nation”. It’s long since past time to say “NO MORE”, and bring good old fashioned masculinity and manliness back into style. Maybe once that happens, American can once again start moving forward, doing big things, and reaching for the stars.

Black Cowboy - On Horse


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  1. Mary Schmokel

    I don’t really agree with your assessment. I see myself as an “alpha female” (and I think it’s likely my whole family does), but being alpha does not mean you MUST subjugate the Betas…. I am the Matriarch. BUT, I also encourage our Patriarch (cuz he’s not as aggressive about that placement as I am.)

    Sure, Betas almost welcome it, but that does NOT mean you MUST conduct your interactions that way.

    Being Alpha is not about riding roughshod over others (although many will). Being Alpha is about being willing to take charge of an environment or a situation.

    It is NOT about being a self-centered B!tch.

    The people YOU are talking about are …. BULLIES.. That’s a WHOLE different argument.

    Taking the reigns is NOT about bullying others. It’s about taking the responsibility and being in charge.

    • Capt Dave

      While you may be one of the few exceptions, I believe this article is spot on. I see it on a daily basis, and our public indoctrination centers, AKA schools, are working feverishly to foster this societal change.

      • Christopher Harris

        Thank you Capt. Dave. Obviously, I agree with you.

  2. August

    Amen, Christopher.

    • Christopher Harris

      Thanks for reading and responding.

  3. Will

    What a cute article, presenting the premise that “Alpha Females” and “Beta Males” exist because of some misguided political agenda, lol. When a man is expressing his masculinity by having and achieving positive goals, being responsible for his actions and accountable for consequences, and cognizant that his internal state is reflected in his external circumstances, then will a woman feel safe, loved and adored enough for him to lead as a MAN. No politics necessary.

    • Joe Blow

      Will, not sure what fairytale land you live in, but in the real world where the rest of us are this is a real problem.

      • Christopher Harris

        Thanks Joe Blow.

    • Christopher Harris

      Thanks for taking the time to read and respond Will. However, I have to disagree. There is a “political” aspect to everything. But only folks who go in with their eyes wide open, and a knowledge and understanding of the constant war being waged, are aware that of the “political” aspects.

      But once again, thanks for taking the time to read and respond.

  4. Carl

    Men have been biting their lip on this subject out of diversity and sensitivity. But this experiment has become lopsided. I have witnessed where alpha women have become the same power hungry ego driven humans that for years has been blamed on men. Sorry to see it. My ex was exactly this. She worked hard and earned sucess as an executive. But along with that grew disrespect. Shows that money can corrupt anyone and destroy relationships and family. Once she made big money, a husband became a burden. Lickily there are still women who dont buy this crap and i found a good one. Sadly my kids paid a high price.

    • Christopher Harris

      Sorry to hear about the demise of your marriage, and especially for the damage it is doing to your kids. But I appreciate you taking the time to read and respond Carl.

  5. emily

    I completely agree with the article. I personally strongly dislike any “beta male”. I was raised in a house where the mom was the head of the family and the dad was the beta. It drives me crazy. I strongly believe that the male is the head of the household. I think women are getting way too into this feminism thing. There are fine lines between striving for equality and trying to be on top, above everyone else. Unfortunately, that is the path that feminists have found themselves going down, and that is the path that I will avoid completely. I don’t want to be stomped on by a man, but I do believe that a man is the leader.

  6. Patrick

    Excellent article. My wife and I were just discussing this the other day. Real men are dying off, being replaced by a feminized version. Everything you’ve written is exactly correct. Alpha females really do hate men and beta males are feminized wet noodles. I’ve seen this transition over the last 20 years in business. The transition was so gradual you never really knew it was happening until it was finished. One day you realize you’re sitting in the company’s “soft skills” sensitivity training class wearing Dockers and a golf shirt (the new male dress code thanks to “casual Fridays”) while the passive-aggressive alpha female who just returned from the women’s leadership networking event is wearing a blue pin-stripped pant suit. This social flip-flop was deliberate and will not work long-term – as you’ve stated, it is un-natural.

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