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Take out the Trash!

Leslie Brown

There’s a song for children that goes like this, “Be careful little eyes what you see. Be careful little ears what you hear. Be careful little hands what you do. Be careful little feet where you go. Be careful little mouth what you say.” “Kid stuff”, or relevant?

Somehow, we get to thinking because we are “adults” we can “handle” what we were taught to avoid as children. *NEWSFLASH*, G-d sees the “secret” things we do in hiding, in fact the first indication we are doing something that is not right is that we attempt to do it in secret or cover it up.

This is why transparency is so important and why Obama merely said, “This is the most transparent administration in history.” Seriously? Do his words and actions match up? IS he for peace and working together? Does his “walk” match his talk?

“After we win this election, it is payback time. For those who supported us, there will be rewards, for the ones who opposed us, they will get what they deserve. There will be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. With no election to worry about, we have two judges ready to go.”

~Valerie Jarrett (Obama’s Senior White House Advisor)

There are people in our lives we need to let go; don’t let them occupy one more second of your lives because they are not worth it. There are things in our lives we need to let go in our lives because they are not worth it either.

So, “take the trash” out of your life, because trash makes for a “lumpy pillow” and the softest pillow is a clean conscience; my husband and I did, and we are happier for it!

(*Implies* the word “B.S.” but doesn’t say it; he is careful!)


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