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Wheels or Wings?

Leslie Brown

Mercy is not getting what we do deserve, and grace is getting what we don’t deserve. Teen Christian Felix got both, and the wheels, or wings of freedom too.

Phoenix teen Christina Felix was walking home from a friend’s house about 10:00 one evening, “pushing the envelope” of curfew, when police officer Natalie Simonik stopped and offered him a ride.

She home didn’t want him to get “jumped” or assaulted since he was not walking in the best area of town. As they chatted in the squad car, the officer told him that riding a bicycle would be bit a safer mode of transportation than being “on foot”.

Christian told the officer he didn’t have a bike; she was also impressed with the forthright manner in which he answered several of her questions, such as whether he had ever been arrested.

Natalie offered to purchase a bike for Christian as he was on foot for a long walk to a job as well. He then had to reveal that at 18 years old, he didn’t know how to ride a bike, so she offered to teach him too.

How many gifts has the officer given Christian with one act? Perhaps the gifts of safety, freedom, kindness and giving. I can almost guarantee you, that she also has placed in this young man’s heart the seeds of love for the law, and doing the right thing in a world that often doesn’t.

“It’s really something when someone comes up on the street and offers to do a kindness for you,” Felix told KNXV. “These days you don’t see anything like that.”


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