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Democrats sink to new low.

Leslie Brown

I just had to share the utter depravity the Left has resorted to, to try and boost a failing candidate. The candidate is Senator Mark Udall of Colorado; also known as Mark Uterus. Nice.(2)

The Democrats are employing the “assistance” of NARAL, (formerly the National Association of Reproduction Rights Action League), now known as “” to lie about the opposition of Cory Gardner. NARAL is advertising that Gardner wants to “ban condoms”.

Here’s what the NARAL organization does in their own words:

We are made up of pro-choice women and men across the United States. Together, we’re protecting and expanding reproductive freedom.

How do we support the right to choose, exactly?

We lobby Congress to convince your elected representatives to support your right to choose.
We organize women and men to make sure that lawmakers hear from the pro-choice people they represent.
We connect what happens in Congress or in the states to how it affects your ability to make private decisions, like choosing legal abortion.
We work with our state affiliates to advance ideas that are good for women’s freedom. We fight back against the bad ideas that threaten our privacy.
NARAL Pro-Choice America uses the political process to elect lawmakers who share our pro-choice values and defeat candidates who don’t.(1)

Is Gardner really against the selling of condoms as NARAL said? Nahh, but when does TRUTH get in way of liberals?

Another piece on Udall:



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