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Whatever happened to good clean fun?

Leslie Brown

Happy Halloween! I can’t help but think of the opportunity for both good and bad on this holiday. I know there are those who are true followers of Satan that revel in the day; I also know that in a time of more innocence it was heck of a lot of fun!

As as a side note from a former teacher, I can tell you that not much learning will occur today in elementary classrooms across the United States. I can also tell you that I don’t missing teaching that age one teeny bit, although I do miss some of my “babies”.

I’m seeing glimmers of hope that our nation is seeking a return to innocence. I think the horror that has become liberalism in full-flower is upon us. Like the analogy of the frog in the boiling pot, our nation is now fully submerged and boiling over.

Here’s a story from my childhood that will hopefully give you a laugh:

When my much younger brother finally came along, we studied the Johnson Smith catalogue like the Talmud. This was where, at the time; one could order “flies in ice-cubes”, “Whoopie Cushions” (particularly fun at aforementioned dinner parties), “hot gum”, fake dog doo, and the like.

We ordered “Stench Spray”. It was absolutely horrid smelling. Think of that last Tupperware®‐ you left at the back of the refrigerator for a really, really long time. Upon finding the offending container you simply “plopped” the food, container and all in the trash and never looked back.

The smell of the spray would sometimes make us inadvertently gag. Being pretty “tame” kids, and the fact that our prank left no evidence*, (key component*) we would spray (douse) some unsuspecting neighbor’s porch with a cloud of “Stench Spray”, ring the bell, then, run like h*ll.

You pretty much wanted to saw off the finger that did the spraying afterwards, but it was totally worth it. So, if in the late 70’s or early 80’s your porch suddenly smelled like rotting flesh (or the time Roscoe ate all of the brisket fat from the trash) for no apparent reason, it was us. Sorry.

Also, if you go to any Halloween parties, think of my little brother who calls “bobbing for apples”, “bobbing for saliva”!

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