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Investigating hope.

Leslie Brown

Jack Mook is a “man’s man”: detective, bachelor and boxing instructor teaching underprivileged kids in Pittsburgh. When a couple of his favorite students, two brothers, stopped showing up, Jack did some investigating on his own.

He found the oldest brother broken in spirit with bags under his young twelve year-old eyes, living the nightmare of an abusive foster home; Jesse and Josh needed help.

With inside knowledge of “the system”, Jack got the boys taken out of the abusive foster home. That wasn’t enough though, because he knew of a good role-model for the boys, one that he knew had their best interests at heart, one that wouldn’t be a temporary fix.

Jack took on the boys as their foster parent; the confirmed bachelor now serving as a parent. But “foster” was not a name he wanted to be associated with the trio, because “foster” implies temporary. Jack made the boys his own by adopting the boys and completing the circle begun in a ring, a boxing ring.

“It’s awesome, it’s the best thing I ever did in my life.”

~Jack Mook, now father of Jesse and Josh.

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