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Family or foe?

Leslie Brown

Y’all if we don’t unite we are SUNK! I have talked before, about how the enemy would love nothing more than to divide us, because then we are more easily conquered. So let’s talk “family”, or “foes”.

Call us crazy, but at U.A. we are kinda’ fond of the whole M.L.K. Jr. “I have a dream” thingie where he spoke about judging a man on the “content of his character, and not the color of his skin”. That’s where we are here, but the country NOT thinking this way is EXACTLY why our country is in the mess it is in.

Aren’t the concepts of both G-d and country, BOTH waaaay bigger, and more important than say, something that is SKIN DEEP?

Don’t we try not to be people who are “superficial”, and judge on appearances? That’s what racism is all about. It’s flippin’ RETARDED in my opinion. (We are not P.C. around here EITHER.)

Soooo, let’s see where we went wrong choosing Obama, so this NEVER EVER, EVER, HAPPENS AGAIN! Let’s look at CHARACTER because frankly, I couldn’t care less if someone was pink, with purple polka dots.

Hints that Obama was NOT a good choice for President of the United States judging only on experience (or lack thereof) and character:

1) Have you ever ONCE heard him talk of loving G-d, or how exceptional our nation is?

2) Promoted infanticide in the Senate.

3) Mother, mentor, and grandparents, all Communists.

4) Was either lying about where he was born THEN, or NOW. Choose. (see document below).

5) Has ZERO experience in either foreign policy, OR economics. (The “economics” was a given since he’s a liberal.)

6) Is not “transparent” by not releasing numerous documents.

7) Took away the “work” requirement for welfare in the first term, thus encouraging “sloth”.

8) Buddies with known domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

9) Does not take responsibility for, oh, say ANYTHING!

10) Had the most liberal voting record in the Senate (of the times he bothered voting).

So peeps…those who love God and country are FAMILY…let’s stay together for the country! (Note: we however do not have to give each others “wedgies” and “noogies” like siblings do….unless you want to.)

kenyakenyan to senate

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