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Restoring the Dream!

Leslie Brown

Don’t y’all wonder sometimes if Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are even COGNIZANT of Martin Luther King Jr.? To those two, it’s like he never existed! If “a house divided can not stand”, shouldn’t we call those bozos out for what they are? HOMEWRECKERS. AMIRITE?

Well, this new “Restoring the Dream” campaign by the meanypants racist Tea Party ( and Dr. Alveda King has got me all excited! It’s everything we stand for here at U.A.! Chris and I are a couple of military brats who love God and our country. Chris is black and lives in the D.C. area, and I’m a redhead who lives in a WHITE TRASH town!

My buddy Wayne Dupree, Star Parker, Lloyd Marcus, Todd Ceferatti, Judson Phillips, Alfonso Aguilar and Niger Innis are all a part of the Restore the Dream campaign. If we don’t unite peeps, we haven’t got a prayer.

Restore the Dream 2014 is about to send a shockwave through the political establishment who has depended on minority voters feeling government is their only hope. The concept of American exceptionalism is still available to anyone of any color if they are willing to work for it.

The socialist left wants you to think that the American dream is only available to a select few. The rest are just victims. If you look closely, those select few are those who donate millions to socialist Democrats and champion the agenda of big government and limited individual liberty.

Our message of limited government and the importance of individual liberty is resonating across the land and with your support, we are going to return our nation to the principles of our founders. How far we go is up to you but time is short and saving America is an endeavor worth any sacrifice.(1)


So excited! Wayne just sent the video of the press release!

ua unity

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