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Importing Pestilence?

Leslie Brown

Man, oh man. I knew an Obama presidency was gonna be bad, but I don’t think any of us thought it would be THIS bad. I told y’all I called my parents bawling like a baby for comfort when Obama was re-elected.

Sooo, we have a new Ebola “Czar” who has NO medical back-ground. Super! I can’t help but think about Ann Coulter’s quote, “If Obama were born in another country, had no love for this country and had set out to destroy America — what would he be doing differently?”

The CDC admitted on the 7th that Ebola that it could be transmitted via airborne exchange, and I’M A FLIPPIN’ COUNTRY HOUSEWIFE AND I CALLED IT ON THE 6TH! What is wrong with this picture?

I think we have all come to the conclusion that Obama is not just INEPT, it is much more sinister than that. Did you know that visa extensions from West African countries have actually been expedited since August by the Department of “Homeland Security”?

Get a load of this exchange from Thursday between Cory Gardner and CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden:

Gardner: “I think you mentioned there were approximately 100 to 150 people a day coming into the United States from the infected areas?”
FRIEDEN: That’s my understanding, yes.

GARDNER: Mr. Wagner you admitted we’re screening 94 percent of those people?
WAGNER: As of today that covers about 94 percent.

GARDNER: So if 94 percent are being covered, that means somewhere between two and three thousand people a year are coming into this country without being screened from the infected areas?
WAGNER: Well, they would undergo a different form of screening. We’re still going to identify that they’ve been to one of those three affected regions, and we’re still going to ask them questions about their itinerary. We’re going to be alert to any overt signs of illness and coordinate with CDC and public health if they’re sick, and we’re also going to give them a fact sheet about Ebola, about the symptoms, what to watch for, and most importantly, who to contact?

GARDNER: Will you be checking their temperature?
WAGNER: We will not be checking their temperatures or having them fill out a contact sheet.

GARDNER: There’s 2,000 to 3,000 people their — entering this country a year without checking their temperature, without having a contact sheet.(1)

God is still on His throne. Pray.


2-chronicles-7-vs-14 (1)


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  1. Be Happy

    The way this administration is playing politics with Ebola it is pretty much a foregone conclusion we will have a major outbreak here in the U.S.
    With that in mind I theorized how that would play out as far as areas and populations who would be infected and killed. It is certain it will most impact the major metropolitan areas and the least impact in rural areas. If we only have a total population infection rate of about 30% that is about 120 million people infected or the equivalent of the top 20 metro areas in the country. If the kill rate stays at its current rate of 70% that is about 84 million people who will die.
    Now the good news. There are about 110 million democrats in the nation. As the cities are predominantly populated by democrats I calculated a major Ebola outbreak would kill off about 76% of the democrat party.
    So, since there is nothing we can do to stop obama from playing politics and allowing a Ebola outbreak we should look for the upside.
    The dems are going down hard and will do it to themselves by covering for the ineptitude of this administration. Don’t worry, be happy.

    • Leslie Brown

      Wow! Unique way to look at things. Sadly, some of us knew this was coming. All we can do is trust in the Lord. Faith isn’t faith unless it’s all you have. Thank you for your comment and your readership. We try to post uplifting stuff, and hard truth when we have to. LB

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