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“Tolerant” Academia? ~Chris Nethery

Leslie Brown

Oh delicious irony! Some of the same liberal professors who used to be doing the radical leftist protesting, are now being protested AGAINST by conservative young “whippersnappers”!

As a conservative stuck between the Baby-Boomers and Gen-X, it does my heart good to see young conservatives. This piece is contributed by our site that is dedicated to millennials called, “Political Illusions Exposed”.

Georgetown University, what say you?
By Chris Nethery

As people have become increasingly aware, Qatar has been and continues to be a major funding source for the Hamas, Islamic State, al Qaeda, Boko Haram, and Ansar al-Sharia.

What many people may NOT be aware of is that a number of American universities have satellite campuses in Qatar. In part, they are: Northwestern, Texas A&M, Weill-Cornell Medical School, Carnegie-Mellon, Harvard Law, Virginia Commonwealth and Georgetown.

But here’s the kicker… Qatar has paid ALL of the costs associated with developing these satellite campuses in Doha – 100% of them.

Considering Qatar’s rising stature and infamy in the specialized, and profitable, clique of terrorism financiers, it seems reasonable that someone at one of these schools might eventually object.
And so, the other day, it happened. And it was a student, not a member of Georgetown’s Board or other governing body.

On October 3, a bright and particularly well-informed Georgetown freshman named Ari Goldstein published an article in Georgetown’s student newspaper entitled “In Qatar, SFS Subject to Brutal Regime.”

In the comments that followed, readers waged a particularly vicious and equally spurious character attack on the author. The comments section ended up reading like a virulent anti-Semitic hatefest.
Allow me to share a few ‘gems’ from the comments. Mind you, these comments are on the website of Georgetown’s student newspaper, The Hoya:

“You’re an idiot.”

“At this point, the author is being entirely biased. And his last name (Goldstein) is not really helping, either. Israel and Qatar do not have a good relationship, and it is true that any passports with Israeli stamp on it cannot enter Qatar.”

“What else do you expect from a Zionist Jew?”

One commenter even took the time to create the moniker “I will never name my kid Ari.”
Many of the other comments consisted of staunch defenses of Georgetown’s entrenchment in Qatar’s ‘Education City’; these comments generally from Georgetown students and staff who presently study or work there or have in the past. The readers scold the author for bad-mouthing the Qataris, who they claim, have been so very kind to Georgetown and its students.

I am not, myself, a Georgetown alumnus. But I have run into the Qatari royals, from time to time, on the Internet. Mohammed al-Thani, the sixth son of former Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, and the brother of the present Emir, informs me in his post that I, much like every other American, am a “slave” to the Jews. Mohammed also happens to be a Georgetown University alumnus. But I digress.

The glaring hypocrisy in Georgetown’s cozy relationship with Qatar can be seen by reading Georgetown’s mission statement:

Georgetown is a Catholic and Jesuit, student-centered research university.
Established in 1789 in the spirit of the new republic, the university was founded on the principle that serious and sustained discourse among people of different faiths, cultures, and beliefs promotes intellectual, ethical and spiritual understanding. We embody this principle in the diversity of our students, faculty and staff, our commitment to justice and the common good, our intellectual openness and our international character.
An academic community dedicated to creating and communicating knowledge, Georgetown provides excellent undergraduate, graduate and professional education in the Jesuit tradition for the glory of God and the well-being of humankind.
Georgetown educates women and men to be reflective lifelong learners, to be responsible and active participants in civic life and to live generously in service to others.

In the end, the world does not care whether Qatar was kind to Georgetown University and its students.
What the world will care about, and REMEMBER, is how Georgetown University responded when they became aware through a brave student’s article informing of Qatar’s deep involvement in the funding of global terror. The real question is how Georgetown University will respond.

Georgetown University, what say you?
CC: Board of Directors of Georgetown University
Paul Tagliabue, (C’62), Chair
Former Commissioner, National Football League
William R. Berkley, Vice Chair
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, W. R. Berkley Corporation
William J. Doyle, (C’72), Vice Chair
President & CEO, PotashCorp
Rev. Joseph P. Parkes, S.J., Vice Chair
President, Cristo Rey High School
Alberto L. Beeck
Managing Partner, VH Properties
Director, Virgin Hotels
David G. Booth
Chair and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Dimensional Fund Advisors
Susan L. Bostrom
Former Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Board member of public and private companies and nonprofit organizations
Maurice B.W. Brenninkmeijer, (B’86)
Jane Hopkins Carey, (C’79)
Chair, Georgetown University Board of Regents
George W. Casey, Jr., (F’70)
General, United States Army (Retired)
President and CEO, The Minot Group LLC
Rev. Ernesto Cavassa, S.J.
Rector, Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya
Michael L. Chasen, (MBA’95)
President and Chief Executive Officer, SocialRadar, Inc.
Peter J. Clare, (B’87)
Managing Director, The Carlyle Group
John J. DeGioia, (C’79, G’95)
President, Georgetown University
Rev. François-Xavier Dumortier, S.J.
Rector, Pontifical Gregorian University
Henry A. Fernandez, (C’79)
Chairman and CEO, MSCI
Kaya K. Henderson, (F’92, EML’07, H’12)
Chancellor, District of Columbia Public Schools
John D. Idol
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Michael Kors
Sr. Carol Keehan, D.C.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Catholic Health Association of the United States
Laurie Lapeyre, (B’83)
Vice Chair, Georgetown University Board of Regents
Rev. James McCann, S.J.
Rector, Pontifical Oriental Institute

Frank H. McCourt, Jr., (C’75)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, McCourt Global LLC
Alonzo H. Mourning, (C’92)
Vice President of Player Program, Miami Heat
Founder, Mourning Family Foundation
Rev. Bienvenido Nebres, S.J.
Rector, Jesuit Community
Professor, Department of Mathematics
Ateneo de Manila University
Aline O’Connor, (C’77)
Managing Director, Agri Experience Ltd.
Hutham S. Olayan
President and Chief Executive Officer, Olayan America Corporation
Timothy J. O’Neill, (L’77)
Managing Director, Goldman Sachs & Co.
George J. Peacock, (C’84)
Principal, Compendium Finance
Claire Perry, Ph.D., (F’83)

Antony P. Ressler, (F’82)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ares Management GP LLC
Thomas A. Reynolds III, (B’74)
Partner, Winston & Strawn, LLP
Kara Ross, (C’88)
Owner, Kara Ross New York LLC
Kenneth A. Samet
President and Chief Executive Officer, MedStar Health Inc.
Shéhérazade Semsar-de Boisséson, (F’90, G’90)
President, Selectcom Finance
Justin B. Smith, (F’91)
Chief Executive Officer, Bloomberg Media Group
Rev. Stephen V. Sundborg, S.J.
President, Seattle University
Laurence A. Tosi (C’90, MBA’94, L’94)
Senior Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer
Blackstone Group
Kevin M. Warren (C’84)
President, Global Growth, Xerox Corporation
Victor R. Wright
Northview Group, Inc.


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