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A Winning Ballot

Leslie Brown

No one can deny that these are scary as heck times;beyond scary. We got here by not looking deeper to see if there was any substance or truth beneath the surface of the multicultural “boy king” who promised to “slow the rise of the oceans.”

We got here by not thinking long-term, but by doing what felt “morally superior” at the moment, and to “look good” to our friends and family, for voting for a black man solely because he was a black man.

We didn’t care what God thought, we didn’t care what “born alive*” babies might think or become. My generation embarrasses and shames me; I don’t feel a part of it; but there is hope.

This morning I saw that maybe this next generation has learned from our mistakes, learned to look deeper, learned to listen harder, to put another first. The “ME” generation put the “God-country- others-myself” order in the order THEY wanted of “myself-others-country, then God, maybe“. Maybe the ME generation passed on a lesson after all.

A newly crowned Homecoming Queen in West Palm Florida gives me hope; not at a cursory glance, but from what I hear her peers say about her. Not what she says about herself which we know one can always contort to fit the prevailing attitudes and ideals du jour.

Senior Jessica Leyva was all smiles Friday night as she received her crown as 2014 South Fort Myers homecoming queen.

When Jessica was a baby, she was in a car accident that severed her spinal cord and left her paralyzed from the neck down.

She says that’s never stopped her from dreaming big, but was overwhelmed when she heard her name called as the winner.

“Amazing. I didn’t think it was going to be me tonight,” said Leyva.

But her friends and classmates weren’t surprised at all; they put Jessica on the homecoming ballot.

“Don’t ever give up.”

~Jessica Leyva 2014 Homecoming Queen

“Sometimes you don’t pick people just because they’re popular. You pick them because when they come to school they have a nice spirit,”(1)

said Antwon Dixon, a student.

*”The Born Alive Act” would have forced health-care workers to render aid to any babies who shockingly survived an abortion. Senator Barack Obama voted against this.


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