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Hatin’ on Christopher Columbus

Leslie Brown

Liberals crane their necks looking as far back into history as they can, to try and manufacture fault with any discoverers or founders of our xenophobic, meanypants, patriarchal, bigoted, Islamophobic, nation.

Christopher Columbus catches no breaks with the liberals either. Let’s look at some tolerant, liberal lovin’ that has gotten thrown Columbus’ way:

“Columbus makes Hitler look like a juvenile delinquent. He was a racist, a mass murderer, a slave trader, a rapist and a plunderer.”

~Russell Means

“[Columbus] sailed just as Jews and Muslims were being expelled from Spain, the persecution of those peoples and the riches robbed from them paying for his small armada of ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, to set sail for new plunder. For Native Americans, the people who hardly felt discovered, Columbus’ landing commenced a Holocaust. There’s really no other word for the death delivered by settlers, as they scattered, enslaved, and obliterated Indian nations on their own sacred lands.(2)”

~ NBC’s Scott Simon

A Seattle school district has decided to “diss” Christopher Columbus Day altogether:

In a unanimous decision, the school board on Wednesday passed a resolution requiring public schools to observe “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” on the same day as Columbus Day – the second Monday in October, according to Fox affiliate KCPQ….Going a step further, the resolution says the board “has a responsibility to oppose the systematic racism towards Indigenous people in the United States, which perpetuates high rates of poverty and income inequality, exacerbating disproportionate health, education and social crises.”(1)

As I have said before, liberals are always “itching” to be a hero, like how they rescued all of those people in the “War on Poverty”. To be a hero and “rescue” someone, there needs to be a villain; if not a real one, a manufactured one will do.



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