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An Interview With Satan ~ Nancy McQueen

Leslie Brown

This piece was written by a friend of mine, a 20 year veteran of the United States Navy who is active in the prison ministry working with addicts. I am proud to know her.

Q. So Satan, what do you feel is your greatest accomplishment on earth?

A. Oh, that is easy. I get people to believe lies. If I get someone young enough, and get someone to hurt them badly enough, they will believe they are unloved and have no hope. I love to use people in the church and family for that. Then it is easy to get them on my side.

I make them feel better (for just long enough) by introducing them to drugs and alcohol. Then I convince them they can quit any time they want.  While they are under those influences, they do things they would never have considered otherwise. Once they are addicted, they will do anything I want them to do so they can get more.

Sexual sin is another favorite. I make women believe that when a man wants to have sex with them that he will love them. I get men to lie and say they are right. Then I convince them they have done too much wrong, and God doesn’t love them and won’t forgive them. That way, they really feel they have no way out. It really works at any age, you know. Lies.

Q. Why do you not accept defeat? Jesus won, you know. All that’s left for you is the Judgment.

A. Oh, you believe that? I still believe I can win. I can take over heaven. It’s just a matter of time. I have so many followers now and I can convince people who are saved, that they aren’t. I’m that good. The coolest part is that most of my followers don’t even know that it is me they are following.

Q. What do you mean? How could they not know?

A. This is the fun part! I get people in the church on my side. They think they are following Jesus! I use false prophets. Genius, don’t you think?

Q. So how does that work?

A. Well, it’s kinda tricky sometimes. I use the Bible, but only parts of it. I convince people not to read the whole thing. They think they can get to heaven by self-righteousness, or they believe that the miracles stopped when Jesus dies. They never get to the bad parts like the power of the Holy Spirit that Jesus sent. If they knew that they were saved by what Jesus did and all they needed was faith…oh man, I would be sooo out of business. With faith they could receive the righteousness of God through Jesus. Then they would have the power to do what’s right. That’s why I keep nagging them with doubts and throw their past up to them too.

Q. So what do you do when you come across people with unshakable faith and are totally submitted to God?

A. Oh, those people. Man, I hate them. They resist me and I have no choice but to flee. That’s a rule. I hate that rule. I can get around it sometimes though. The sometimes forget to submit daily. Then I can bug them again. It’s tough though. Those people usually pray a lot! They are covered by the Blood of Jesus, you know. I try to get them before they get that strong.

Q. What made you agree to this interview?

A. Oh, God said I had to. You know how He is.



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