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Destruction beyond the grave…

Leslie Brown

I’ll have to hand it to L.B.J.; that low-life scoundrel succeeded in wreaking havoc for DECADES beyond his death!

Of course I’m referring to the “War on Poverty”, and the “Hart-Cellar Immigration Act” (Also known as the “Anyone-With-a-Pulse-Even-a-Low-Grade-Fever-O.K.-Act”). You can think of it is as the “Dodd Frank” of immigration policies.

You see, before this act was instituted by the touchy-feely-multicultural-unicorn-believers, our nation had an immigration policy in place, structured such that we would maintain a cohesive nation, not a crazy-quilt of “China-towns”, “Little Liberias” and maquilladoras.

You see, there are some cultures that have NO INTENTION of assimilating in to our culture EVER! They want to chop off our heads even! These people can happily suck off of the teat of government services upwards of $100K in social services (Tsarnev family) only to then want to blow up the runners and attendees of a Boston marathon.(1)

I love my country. Am I a meanypants-racist-Islamophobe because I want to keep her from turning into a “polyglot boarding house for the world*”.

By the end of the 20th century, the policies put into effect by the Immigration Act of 1965 had greatly changed the face of the American population. Whereas in the 1950s, more than half of all immigrants were Europeans and just 6 percent were Asians, by the 1990s only 16 percent were Europeans and 31 percent were of Asian descent, while the percentages of Latino and African immigrants had also jumped significantly. Between 1965 and 2000, the highest number of immigrants (4.3 million) to the U.S. came from Mexico, in addition to some 1.4 million from the Philippines. Korea, the Dominican Republic, India, Cuba and Vietnam were also leading sources of immigrants, each sending between 700,000 and 800,000 over this period.(2)

Obama wants history to rank him among the transformational presidents like Lincoln, FDR and Reagan. And what better way to transform America than to ensure her evolution from a Western and predominantly Christian country into that multicultural, multilingual, multiethnic, borderless land Teddy Roosevelt inveighed against as nothing but a “polyglot boarding house for the world”? Obama did not like the America we grew up in.

In the long run, an amnesty that puts 5 million illegal immigrants, most of them from Third World nations, along with their progeny, on a certain path to citizenship, would complete the process of turning America blue.(3)

I guess on the “plus side”, mission trips to go visit Third-World nations will no longer involve getting a passport and all of those pesky immunizations, we can just hop in the car, or go for a walk!




*Teddy Roosevelt

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