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WHAT? Lying has CONSEQUENCES all of the SUDDEN?

Leslie Brown

My husband and I have noticed (or did notice when we had television), that lies and deceit have become commonplace, as a recurring theme in commercials.

The one that really drove us insane was one for Tide detergent. Some wannabe hipster mom replies to her teenaged daughter’s question of whether she knew where a certain top was that she wanted to wear. The mom replies that she doesn’t.

The next scene shows the mom hurriedly scampering around to find the top that SHE had worn, aaaand spilled stuff on it partying like Bill Clinton at a topless bar. She then treats the stain (not on a blue dress), washes the top, dries it, and tries to pass off the fact that the top was in the daughter’s closet all along.

THIS IS A MOTHER LYING TO HER KID! It is in no way, shape or form cute! Deceit has become so commonplace it’s like, “MEH”. We, as a society put “lipstick on the pig” by calling lies “fibs”, “white lies”, “bending the truth” or use the ever popular “I don’t recall” as a last resort.

WTH! When I was a kid, liars were the exception, now they’re the FLIPPIN’ RULE! Life is so much easier when you don’t have to keep up with your lies! Not to mention, “hello”, everything has an electronic “foot print”! Texts and emails can be RETRIEVED, (Lois Lerner, I’m thinkin’ of YOU), and surveillance footage can be played back. We should be more honest that EVER with this in mind, but noooo, people think they are smarter than everyone else and that they can “beat the system.” Good luck with that.

Well, now we have some SERIOUS *SS consequences (not to mention some pants on fire) by someone lying about a trip to Liberia and exposing, oh, who knows how many people to frickin’ EBOLA. Nice. Good times.

Call me crazy, but I believe the Lord gave us the 10 Commandments for OUR good not HIS.

DALLAS (CBS Houston/AP) — Liberia plans to prosecute the airline passenger who brought Ebola into the U.S., alleging that he lied on an airport questionnaire about not having any contact with an infected person, authorities said Thursday.
Thomas Eric Duncan filled out a series of questions about his health and activities before leaving on his journey to Dallas. On a Sept. 19 form obtained by The Associated Press, he answered no to all of them.
Among other questions, the form asked whether Duncan had cared for an Ebola patient or touched the body of anyone who had died in an area affected by Ebola.
“We expect people to do the honorable thing,” said Binyah Kesselly, chairman of the board of directors of the Liberia Airport Authority in Monrovia. The agency obtained permission from the Ministry of Justice to pursue the matter.

Found someone else online disturbed by the commercial. Yay!

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