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Women and children first? Only when it suits a lib’s agenda.

Leslie Brown

Liberals are all about their “lady parts,” but apparently no one else’s, or even a “little-girl’s parts”. You see the “It’s for the cheeeldren” mantra comes to a screeching halt when it no longer fits the liberal agenda or narrative.

Any decent, moral person would be outraged by the mass rapings occurring at the hands of I.S.I.S. fighters; some on girls as young as nine years old.

Feminists and liberals are notably silent because… 1) It doesn’t involve THEIR parts 2) It doesn’t fit the liberal narrative of “Religion of Peace”, Multiculturism or tolerance 3) Liberals are against meanypants violence unless it’s the ripping a defenseless, tiny, unborn child limb from limb.

You see, words, and terms like “tolerance”, “Religion of Peace”, and “Multiculturism” were just verbal “Trojan Horses”. They were introduced into our country, so liberals could “grease the skids” of their agenda by allowing the vile, barbaric, filth that is Islam to be “normalized” in both the global and American mind.

Sexual violence appears to be particularly targeted at non-Muslim women.

“[Islamic State] emirs and commanders … believe it is permissible to sleep with women prisoners even against their will if they are infidels, non-Muslims and apostate women,” Omer said. “This happened to Christian women in Al-Raqqa after their husbands were publicly beheaded and I witnessed it. … I saw six jihadists demanding that a Christian woman and her daughter become their wives. The daughter was about 12 to 13-years-old.”(1)

You see, I will never run out of material to bring to light, or write on, because the hypocrisy of liberalism never ends. Subsidizing Sandra Fluke’s birth control while she attends law school doesn’t seem so imperative now, does it?
Maxine Waters on the horror that is sequestration to women and children.


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