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FREE Trade or “FAIR” Trade

Leslie Brown

Recently, ol’ “Slick Willie”, or Bill Clinton of whom I’m not entirely satisfied is not Eddie Haskell, was distancing himself from the term “free trade”, instead substituting the term “fair trade”. What’s the difference? Or dare I say, “What difference does it make?”

You see, conservatives believe that the “starting line*” should be the same for everyone, while liberals believe that the “finish line” so to speak, should be the same for everyone, hence, “fair”. What gives? Is there a “loser” in free trade? Are there two “winners” in “fair” trade?

Free trade could be said to be the backbone of meanypants-corporate CAPITALISM. “Fair trade” involves government intervention which adds a) regulation b) constriction c) taxation.(1)

Everyone who is familiar with the 1992 presidential campaign knows that Bill Clinton ran as a “new kind of Democrat,” one who would “end welfare as we know it,” one who would help craft a society that would reward those who “work hard and play by the rules.”….One of Bill Clinton’s great achievements as president was to win passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement, a tariff reduction treaty that Clinton’s Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers has described, together with other tariff reductions through GATT/WTO, as “the largest tax cut in the history of the world.” Yet at the Iowa Steak Fry, Clinton danced away from that accomplishment, emphasizing what he called “fair trade and not just free trade.”[. . .]Clinton’s great domestic policy achievement other than free trade, welfare reform, was not mentioned by him at the Iowa Steak Fry or in the DSCC letter.(2)

So why is ol’ Billy-boy dancing (at least he’s dancing vertically this time) away from “free trade”? Is he shape-shifting to be more “in line” with the Marxist leanings of the current D.N.C.? Is there a “Keynesian Pizza” of wealth in which there is a limited number of slices and the government needs to step in and make sure that no one is “hogging out” and taking more than their “fair share”? Hmm, seems like capitalism has worked pretty dang well up until recently where more businesses were closing than opening in the country.(3) Maybe the government needs to back the heck off!

Watch and learn how the free market works since the liberals have tried to edit it out of everyone’s mind by telling us “we didn’t build that”, and giving us nonsense about giving our “fair share”. Government…..BACK OFF!
*Actually, liberals now want the “starting line” to be the same for the greater part of South America.
back off
I figured if I used the “traditional” Yosemite Sam with guns, I would have the SWAT team show up at my house claiming me to be a “domestic terrorist”.


(1)Bill Whittle video below


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