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Born in the Wrong Generation?

Leslie Brown

The title is just “tongue-in-cheek”, because God does not make mistakes. But it is how I feel sometimes!

It’s kinda strange being more conservative than your parents…and my parents are conservative; I have two of the most wonderful parents ever!

My parents were clean-cut kids who got married in the late 50’s, my mom became a nurse; later C.R.N.A., and my daddy taught R.O.T.C. and later earned his Ph.D. with the G.I. bill. I stand in awe of them both.

It seems a lot of the women that are my generation don’t cook or clean, and you can FORGET them allowing their husband to lead the home. The feminist movement has now “jacked-up” TWO generations by usurping the roles that were given to the genders. Feminism is just rebellion dressed in a giant pink “v-word” costume. I don’t mean to be vulgar. Some feminists actually DRESS like PUBLIC! I can’t make this stuff up! Do people have no shame?

I’m not “oppressed” by my husband! He even bears with me when I express interest in doing something crazy like wanting to take the L.S.A.T. at age 50! What can I say? I love to learn! I do allow him to have the last word on decisions though.

The women I “hang out” with are in their 70’s and 80’s, and my B.F.F. is a brilliant Computer Science major who not only gave up her career, but her DEGREE* to raise children; one who is a Marine, the other a geologist, the other still in school.

Well, I know a couple of “young-whippersnappers” as I call ’em who THINK LIKE I DO, and they’re in their TWENTIES! Is the pendulum swinging back? Are we returning to sanity and realizing that maybe the God of the Universe had things figured out for us all along if we would just follow His Word?

Watch the video below of young whippersnapper Ellysa Maye who works for my friend Wayne Dupree (NewsNinja2012). I got to meet Wayne last summer as my folks live in Virginia, and he was working in Virginia at the time. Wayne graciously met my parents and I for lunch, and I got literal goose-bumps upon meeting him! Wayne has served in the military and is a patriot through and through like Kevin Jackson, Christopher Harris and myself.

*Computer Science degrees become irrelevant quickly, but this girl taught herself how to write EXCEL programs, just recently.


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