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“Brain-Stem” Demonizing

Leslie Brown

What liberals and stupid people have in common, (note: not all stupid people are liberals, but all liberals are stupid) is they both DEMONIZE THEIR OPPONENTS!

It is faaaarrr easier to throw out, or shriek a “false-flag”, rather than construct a well-thought-out, cogent argument. It’s like yelling, “Fire!”; or “Squirrel!” to a dog.

Liberals have a bunch of words they like to throw out to stop an opponent dead in their tracks; works like a charm. You see, if the “shreik-ee” “takes the bait”, then they immediately start defending themselves. “No I’m not a, (Fill in the blank) “racist”, “bigot”, “homophobe,”, “Islamophobe”, “xenophobe”, “hater”, or whatever “insult du jour” they choose.

DO NOT TAKE THE BAIT!!! IT’S A TRAP!!! It’s a “bait and switch”, dirty-pool, chicken-“feces”, let’s say, strategy. Instead just calmly say, “You might be right.” and move on. They will be left both stunned, and speechless because now they have to actually explain their rationale and position with a three-point (preferably, but ssshyeah right) explanation that cogently refutes the tenets of your argument.

This is where conservatives go wrong all the time, and am guilty myself. My MLK Twitter picture helps repel liberal attacks, as does having a beautiful hispanic child, working for a black dude aaaaand a site that promotes racial unity along with character. But still, even still, I get called a “racist”. Do you see how nuts, desperate and ridiculous these people are? I’ve even been called the be-all-end-all worse word that liberals call conservative women. I consider it a badge of honor.

Just remember, if you have to engage with an idiot or a liberal, when you disagree with them, they will be a like a newborn infant blindly “rooting” for a nipple. The liberal is going to be rooting around for some insult with which to tick you off. Just remember…let ’em think “they might be right”.

These babies are from a Russian orphanage. Laura Ingraham has several adopted children; I’m just sayin’.

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