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“J.V.” Cartel.

Leslie Brown

Somehow, some way, a liberal is going to come up with a pathetic, touchy-feely SYNDROME or something, to blame, for this “scamp” of a teen-ager’s flippin’ assassination attempt on behalf of a murderous CARTEL. I give ’em thirty minutes.

LUBBOCK, Texas — Cops are on the hunt for a previously deported 14-year-old illegal alien suspected of trying to execute a teenaged human smuggler on the Texas border in an apparent cartel hit. The victim in the case had a lengthy criminal history that had already resulted in two deaths.

While details remain unknown, investigators with the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office began looking into the case on Sunday when they found a 16-year-old with a gunshot wound to the head inside a crashed vehicle. The victim survived the hit but ended up dying on Monday morning; Justice of the Peace Luis Garza pronounced the teen dead at a local hospital and ordered an autopsy.(1)

How is it that China had the flippin’ GREAT WALL OF CHINA TWO MILLENNIA AGO and the UNITED STATES of AMERICA has fricking BARBED WIRE; maybe?!!!!

Please tell me I’m not the only non-special-education kid in the classroom of this country!!! This is scarin’ the h&ll out of me because you don’t understand…I’M A COUNTRY HOUSEWIFE!!! We have a flippin’ SEPTIC SYSTEM! We drink beer out of CAMOUFLAGE CANS in CAMOUFLAGE KUZZIES!!!! (Sorry, Pastor Ed and Ladies; Alton,”Hamp”, Leslie, and Pete, you probably already suspected as much.)

Speaking of J.V…..what we have here folks, is a flippin’ J.V. President. He’s like that kid in junior high (a dude) whose voiced changed before all the other dudes, and for this the chicks fell all over themselves, drawn like white-trash to a NASCAR event.

Has it occurred to our MENSA government that when our southern border is practically a Mexican birthday party with a cake from Sam’s, at a public park, that some interlopers might sneak in? Hmmm?

U.S. Department of Homeland (DHS) Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, while testifying before a House panel today, indicated that the government’s ability to detect terrorists inside the homeland is hindered by sanctuary cities that shelter illegals. (2)

Ya’ THINK???? This is not EVEN to mention all of the diseases that are proliferating in our country like S.T.D.s in a “bath house”. Geez, it make me feel nasty when my computer gets a virus. Lord have mercy upon us. You gave us the “rule book” we collectively said, “meh”.


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