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“Chap Stick” Ban Chaps MY A**!

Leslie Brown

I talked about liberal lunacy earlier this week when a Virginia county school district banned “Chap- Stick”, classifying it as an “over-the-counter-drug”. Since I taught fifth grade for four years, I felt compelled to follow up on this up-and-coming conservative fifth-grader who is taking a stand!

Enough is enough people! From the “lips of babes”! When a flippin’ fifth-grader can cogently state why some liberal policy is inane, I do believe that liberals have done got “told”.

When Grace started the fifth-grade last month, she decided she’d approach the matter in a way most 11-year-olds would not — delivering a carefully outlined speech before the school board in support of overturning the ban.

The “piece de resistance” being the following delicious exchange between youngster Grace Karaffa and a school board member:

Following her speech, Grace was cross-examined, her father said — with one board member asking the girl if using ChapStick at school might be seen as a distraction.

“She said, ‘I think it would be more distracting to have bleeding lips while I’m doing my work,'” her father said. “That ended that line of questioning.”

I think we may have a future Ann Coulter, Deneen Borelli, or Michelle Malkin in our midst!

“Health officials were concerned that the sharing of items like Chapstick, lip gloss and other lip balm products among elementary-aged students might well have been contributing to a serious infectious disease outbreak,” the statement read. “The school division chose to control the use of these products not because of a concern that they are inherently dangerous, but out of a concern that they may have been a means for the transmission of disease.”

Sooo, let me get this straight….there have been reports of the following diseases brought into our country with the latest nationwide ADOPTION of South Americans: dengue fever, ebola, enterovirus, swine flu and tuberculosis. Aaaaand liberals have their pants in a bunch over chapstick….sounds about right.


Already on her way to becoming a hot conservative babe!Grace

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