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America! It’s a boy, AND girl; 3.7 x 10 to the Fourth Power!

Leslie Brown

Guess what folks! We’re collectively PARENTS! Hand out the cigars! We all get to be parents whether we want to be or not! Our BIG government decided FOR us!

Child support for EVERYONE! Cost of educating our little “bundles of joy”? 761 million…..and that’s just THIS school year! Are you getting as freakin’ outraged as I am? Seriously, it’s rough getting by alreadyand now we have oh, say, a small city to feed, educate, provide health care for, likely CELL PHONES and house, um, say, INDEFINITELY.

If you are not familiar with the Cloward-Pliven strategy let me pull out a paragraph from a piece I wrote on it:

In a nutshell…..These two nutty Socialist professors, Cloward and Pliven; husband and wife, (but as you know, feminists are loathe to taking their husband’s surname) came up with it. It is a Saul Alinsky tactic designed to collapse a capitalist society by encouraging high-risk “politically correct” (helllooooo Dodd/Frank) loans, as well as overwhelming the economy with an ever-growing welfare and entitlement state.

When are we going to say “enough is enough” and get these lying b*s&tards and beyot&ches out of office and reclaim our country? I’m former teacher and trust me, these non-English-Speakers are exponentially more expensive to educate what with E.S.L. classes and teachers. This is insanity….and just wait til the “post-partum” depression hits….



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