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Let’s talk the “D-word”…DEPORTATION

Leslie Brown

I think our country needs a good ETHICS cleansing. It’s OUR country, we make the da*n rules. If you are here illegally, LEAVE. If you will not abide by our legal system, LEAVE. If you are an immigrant and have committed a crime here, LEAVE. That’s right. Grab your cr%p and go.

Now, that wasn’t that hard. Someone had to say it. I think a plank of “deportation” for an independent party would be a winning strategy. Most Americans are concerned that our country is turning into both a third-world country and a place where the Boston bomber’s family sucked from our country, 100,000 dollars in taxpayer money (I feces you not), so they could blow off some legs and kill some kids and adults. Super.

The extended family of the accused Boston Marathon bombers received more than $100,000 in public assistance through a variety of government programs, the Boston Herald reported.

The taxpayer-funded support for Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev and their relatives came in the form of food stamps, Section 8 housing vouchers and stipends ending in 2012, the report said.(1)

I for one, have had enough. I am descended from a Revolutionary War soldier and this red-head is BEYOND T.O.’d…..even P.O.’d!  One can’t go round up a dozen suckling puppies from the neighborhood and attach them to your nursing dog joining her own seven puppies. Eventually you’re going to “screw the pooch”. Choose.

The U.K. has U.K.I.P. the United Kingdom Independent Party.  Australia’s “kool-aid” has already worn off, and they have gone back to sanity, I mean conservatism.  Even flippin’ France’s current socialist is in big trouble politically. Maybe we need a “United States Independent Party” who meanypants looks after our country’s best interest and follows the sexist, patriarchal, xenophobic Constitution thingie. How is this not just simple logic? Do we want to keep our country or not? We need to decide, and either defecate or get off of the “melting pot”.

Our country and world are not just an oversized dinner party where we can swirl our drinks and make small-talk with those of another culture when their religion (it’s actually a CULT by definition) commands them to chop off heads. WOULD you invite someone to your dinner party you knew hated your guts, is compelled to kill you for being Judeo/Christian, has his eyes on your twelve-year old daughter aaand the neighbor’s pygmy goat?

nation in distress

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  1. Hereward the wake

    I am with you brother!

    • Leslie Brown

      Thank you!

  2. Mike

    Leslie, God love ya girl! What you said is even more urgent than you know. Check out this work I did to condense the data from the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. In the summary, you will see that 650 thousand LESS Blacks voted for obama in 2012 than in 2008. In addition, 315 thousand MORE Blacks voted for the REPUBLICAN candidate in 2012 than in 2008. That’s an effective LOSS of approx. ONE MILLION BLACK VOTES for obama. Given that many millions of black teenagers, who weren’t old enough to vote in 2008, WERE old enough to vote in 2012, that loss of one million votes is a very telling statistic. It means that a lot of Black folks woke up and smelled the BS and decided to not vote for it again, or… vote for something different. That’s good news for America and the American People. Here’s the bad news: 1.2 MILLION MORE HISPANICS and about 1.2 MILLION MORE ASIANS voted for obama in 2012 than in 2008. What obama and the Democrats lost in Black votes, they more than made up for from the folks seeking “amnesty.”

    Leslie, here’s my urgent message… If the black community doesn’t “ally” itself with the white community in the 2016 election, we’re going to have Hillary Clinton as our next president thanks to Hispanics and 30 million liberal white women who voted for obama. Somehow, black leaders need to get this message across: “Stop playing the victim. Stop talking about slavery. No black person alive today was a slave. No white person alive today ever owned a slave. White are not your enemy. If white people look leeringly at black people on the street, roll their windows up and lock their car doors, maybe it’s because of the rash of black gang violence on whites and that damn “knockout” game. I know even black leaders won’t be able to reach the gang bangers Leslie… Like liberal white women, they’re too far gone; too brainwashed in the belief that the Democratic way is the only way. That is my message to you today, and you’re right, we need to either deport illegals or put them to work on prison work farms for 25 cents an hour. Give them to the choice to self-deport. After a certain date, if you’re caught here illegally, you go to a prison camp and you work farmers fields as part of your multi-year sentence. We wouldn’t need a guest worker program after that, we’d have millions of “inmate” Hispanics to pick our lettuce! Here’s the data I was telling you about. You can bet there will be MILLIONS MORE Hispanics and Latinos voting in 2016. If Blacks don’t align themselves with whites in 2016, we’re done.

    Having done some moderate analysis on the last two presidential elections over the last few years, I have discovered that conservative MEN have been rendered insignificant in voting in National elections. Whenever I have stated this in the past, inevitably, there are (and will be) those who come back at me and call BS on my proclamation. So, for the non-believers and those who incessantly try to blame Libertarians and Ron Paul/Gary Johnson voters for obama having won in 2012, I offer proof that WOMEN are the ones who put Barrack Obama into office TWICE. Source: Wikipedia (but many other exit polls confirm the data).

    Total number of votes cast in 2008 presidential election: 129,446,839

    For Barrack Obama: 68,231,489.
    For John McCain: 58,704,412.
    Margin: 9,527,347 for Obama.

    Votes by Gender

    Women: 68,606,825 (53% of total votes)
    For Obama: 38,419,882 (56%).
    For McCain: 29,500,935 (43%)
    Margin: 8,918,947 for Obama

    Men: 60,840,014 (47% of total votes)
    For Obama: 29,811,607 (48%)
    For McCain: 29,203,207 (49%)
    Margin: 608,400 for Obama

    Votes by Race

    White: 95,790,661 (74% of total votes)
    For Obama: 41,189,984 (43%)
    For McCain: 52,684,464 (55%)

    Black:16,828,089 (13% of total votes)
    For Obama: 15,986,685 (95%)
    For McCain: 673,124 (04%)

    Hispanic: 11,650,216 (09% of total votes)
    For Obama: 7,805,645 (67%)
    For McCain: 3,611,567 (31%)

    Asian: 2,588,937 (02% of total votes)
    For Obama:1,605,141 (62%)
    For McCain: 906,128 (35%)

    Other: 3,883,405 (03% of total votes)
    For Obama: 2,563,047 (66%)
    For McCain: 1,203,856 (31%)

    Votes by Religion

    Catholic: (54%) for Obama, (45%) for McCain
    Protestant: (45%) for Obama, (54%) for McCain
    Jewish: (78%) for Obama, (21%) for McCain
    Other: (73%) for Obama, (22%) for McCain
    None (75%) for Obama, (23%) for McCain

    Total number of votes cast in 2012 Presidential election: 126,849,296

    For Barrack Obama: 65,915,756.
    For Mitt Romney: 60,933,500.
    Margin: 4,982,256 for Obama

    Votes by Gender

    Women: 67,230,126 (53% of total votes)
    For Obama: 36,976,569 (55%)
    For Romney: 29,581,255 (44%)
    Margin: 7,395,314 for Obama

    Men: 59,619,169 (47% of total votes)
    For Obama: 28,828,626 (45%)
    For Romney: 31,001,968 (52%)
    Margin: 2,173,342 for Romney

    Votes by Race

    White: 91,331,493 (72% of total votes)
    For Obama: 35,619,282 (39%)
    For Romney: 53,885,581 (59%)

    Black: 16,490,408 (13% of total votes)
    For Obama: 15,336,079 (93%)
    For Romney: 989,425 (06%)

    Hispanic: 12,684,930 (10% of total votes)
    For Obama: 9,006,300 (71%)
    For Romney: 3,424,931 (27%)

    Asian: 3,805,479 (03% of total votes)
    For Obama: 2,778,000 (73%)
    For Romney: 989,425 (26%)

    Other: 2,536,986 (02% of total votes)
    For Obama: 1,471,452 (58%)
    For Romney: 964,055 (38%)

    Votes by Religion

    Catholic: (50%) for Obama, (48%) for Romney
    Protestant: (43%) for Obama, (56%) for Romney
    Mormon (21%) for Obama, (78%) for Romney
    Jewish: (69%) for Obama, (30%) for Romney
    Other: (74%) for Obama, (23%) for Romney
    None (70%) for Obama, (26%) for Romney

    Notable stats:

    In 2012, Gary Johnson received just under 1% of the total vote at 1,275,971, nowhere NEAR the margin of Obama’s victory.

    2,315,733 less people voted for Obama in 2012 than in 2008.

    1,443,313 less women, voted for Obama in 2012 than in 2008.

    650,606 less blacks voted for Obama in 2012 than in 2008. 316,301 MORE blacks voted for the REPUBLICAN candidate in 2012 than did in 2008. Could it be that the Democrats need more Hispanics to replace their dwindling base of blacks?

    1,200,655 MORE Hispanics voted for Obama in 2012 than in 2008. 1,172,859 MORE Asians voted for Obama in 2012 than in 2008. What Obama lost in both white and black voters, he made up for in Hispanic and Asian voters. Think the Democrats haven’t noticed this? Amnesty anyone?

    Jews OVERWHELMINGLY supported Obama in 2008 (78%) and 2012 (69%).

    Obama’s margin of victory in 2008 over McCain was 9,527,347 votes. 8,918,947 or almost 94% of those voters were women.

    Obama’s margin of victory in 2012 over Romney was 4,982,256 votes. Given that Romney won the male vote in 2012, it means that 100% of those 4,982,256 Obama voters were women.

    Summary: Conservative women had better organize and find a way to get at least four or five million women who voted for Obama to “see the light” or those same women are going to give us Hillary Clinton in 2016 and there won’t be a damn thing conservative MEN can do about it.

    Please make this go viral if you would like to see a conservative POTUS in 2016. My pick (for now) is Dr. Ben Carson. I think he’d make a fine POTUS and I believe he’s the ONLY person who could draw enough black and moderate white Democrat votes to beat Hillary Clinton.

    • Leslie Brown

      Mike, Thank you so much for your thoughtful and well-researched comment! I’m an Army brat married to a Marine and I love my country! I’m also a red-head, so I tell it like it is. West Texans tend to be forthright and Kevin Jackson (the owner of the site) is from West Texas as well. I appreciate the encouragement! I have had to learn to be thicker-skinned than a pre-pubescent girl lol! Have a great day! LB

      • Mike

        Thanks for the kind reply Leslie. To you, your father (or mother’s, or both because Veteran wives “serve” our country just as much and with much sacrifice as our vets) service in the Army and to your “Jarhead” husband, this old “Squid” thanks you all for your service and what you’re doing now to advance the cause of liberty. I firmly believe that we’re all going to be lost and America will be lost if we cannot come together as “unhyphenated” Americans to solve our problems. This includes the approx. one third of Hispanic Citizens in this country who vote conservative as well. More than anyone, they should be saying “no” to amnesty, and “no” to rewarding people for illegal behavior. I’m really scared that this country is going to come “unglued” after the midterm elections when obama whips out his amnesty pen. God help us all. BTW, I’m a Cajun boy from LA and us Southerners do like our guns don’t we? Hope we don’t NEED them for AmRevII!

        • Christopher Harris

          Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to our page Mike.

  3. AZ native

    A nation that does not defend its own sovereignty laws is no nation at all.

    When enemies invade and attack and enter a nation illegally uninvited. It is deemed an act of war on our sovereignty. It is time to deport all illegal invaders and traitors and terrorist. This is our land people. We only have one country people? If they steal our land we have no other land of the free given to us by our God and founding fathers. Is anybody out there awake.

    We are wasting much of our nations energy on people who have no authority to be in our country. We need to rebuild and restore the greatest nation on earth.

    Governors should be implementing militias right now to protect state sovereignty. It is time to give federal employees the boot out of our states since they have refused to do their jobs and uphold their oaths of office.

    Article the fourth [Amendment II][4]

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    “Officers of the court are sworn to support and defend the Constitution… those attempting to disarm you are violating their oaths and stepping outside the law. The responsible action for a people faced with such usurpation is to defend themselves against it, not with lawyers but with force. Submitting yourself to a jurisdiction that doesn’t recognize your Right of self-defense is also akin to surrender, since they have already made a determination against that Right by failing to support the Bill of Rights, Article IV.

    • Christopher Harris

      Hard to argue with you on that AZ native. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.

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