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Kool-Aid’s “half-life”

Leslie Brown

I guess Kool-Aid has a “half-life”. Peggy Joseph’s “rose-colored scales” fell from her eyes, and she found that no, unicorns do not exist, and no we can not “cozy up” with those who think chopping off heads is appropriate punishment for minor infractions.

Back when Obama was candidate Obama, Peggy thought Obama would pay for her mortgage and gas. Hmm, really not such a “stretch” since we’re flippin’ IMPORTING wards of the state and we PAID terrorists to “guard” our embassy.

Back in 2008…..

“I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage,” a worshipful Ms. Joseph said after attending a 2008 Obama rally at the height of his messianic euphoria stage.

Joel Gilbert caught up with Peggy Joseph for the filming of his new full-length documentary film, “There’s No Place Like Utopia,” six years after Joseph thought that Barack Obama would pay for her gas and her mortgage.

Peggy found out as we all did that everything has gotten harder to pay. Geez, my husband and I have been married for six years next month, and we have been simultaneously full-time employed for five, count ’em months.

I’m no better than Peggy. Sheesh, I know someone with two Master’s (one an MBA) who voted for this “wizard” as in the “Wizard of Oz”. I will give him that he does have a nice deep voice, but it merely utters lies. Geez, I’ll take falsetto truth over baritone lies any day!

I guess Peggy got a little wrapped a little in the whole amount-of-melanin thing, but she got over it. Now, we need just a few more MILLION people like Peggy,and the stupid “limousine” liberals who like looking down their nose at others with their enlightened, “tolerant” and P.C. (Preparation for Caliphate) witty repartee.

Peggy likened Obama to the “wizard” behind the curtain on the Wizard of Oz. I think that is a good analogy. You see there was nothing behind the curtain worth seeing, just a lot of “ear tickling” words emanating from behind it. We could have looked, but we collectively we chose not to because, “Hey, a black “half Kenyan” for president! How tolerant, “P.C.” and multicultural is that?”

I have proposed a new meme for our site that reads, “Loving God, and country: IMPORTANT. Amount of melanin in one’s skin: not so much.”

Photo of Peggy Joseph in 2008 in her delusion, sycophantic state; she’s gotten better though.

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