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Mexico “Lite”?

Leslie Brown

I’m kinda thinking our Founding Fathers didn’t come to the United States and fight for it so that our country could become a third-world nation.

This is where we are headed, and one simply needs look to the most liberal states in our country to see it happening at an accelerated rate. Just this morning I saw a link to a video that I chose not to watch with Mexican Nationals dressed in the fetching all-black ensembles that are usually seen on terrorists, such as I.S.I.S., I.S.I.L., Boko Haram etc. Their mission; torturing women.

On Monday, Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto called on other states to “evolve” like California so the United States can be more like his home country.
Appearing with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and California Governor Jerry Brown in Los Angeles, Peña Nieto called for amnesty legislation and more open borders while blasting governors who have taken a tough stance on illegal immigration.
“This is the other Mexico,” Peña Nieto reportedly “said of the United States, which is property to an estimated 11 million Mexican immigrants,” according to the Los Angeles Times.
After President Barack Obama enacted his temporary amnesty program for illegal immigrants in 2012, the number of illegal immigrant juveniles–nearly 90% of whom are teenagers–who have been apprehended has drastically spiked. Since October of last year, close to 63,000 illegal immigrants have been detained, nearly all having been lured by the hope of getting “permisos” or amnesty. Most of those illegal immigrants are Central Americans who have traveled through Mexico, often without much resistance, to the United States. Yet, Obama may soon double down on his executive amnesty, as the White House has indicated that he may grant temporary amnesty and work permits to possibly five million more illegal immigrants.


Now, for you idiots who like to think there are different “nuances” and “subtleties” between different terrorist groups which now include a large part of Mexico, maybe this will clear things up for you.

In the video, a Mexican cartel that has taken up terror tactics to induce fear, recently beheaded, and brutally mutilated four defenseless women in a message to America.

The video begins by showing the four terrified, bound women kneeling in a field in front of their heavily armed captors. One woman was asked what her relationship to a rival gang is and she replied that her brother was a member.


If you think there are any differences in these groups YOU are part of the problem and you had better pull your head out of your posterior before you get it cut off without even seeing it coming.

*WARNING VIDEO* I chose not to watch the video, but I know that these poor women are stripped for ultimate humiliation.




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