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Advice from Grandma

Leslie Brown

Enjoy your grandparents if you are so blessed to still have them. They are gone far too soon, but have hopefully left you with some wonderful, and maybe funny memories.

I had awesome grandparents; all gone now. My Gramma Bobbie was widowed very young. So when I was a little kid; she was a “swinging single” (not to be confused with SWINGER). We had a grand time together.

Now don’t be horrified, but BARS used to be the “Starbucks” of the day. My gramma would take me everywhere with her including bars. I don’t remember ever seeing her drink, or drunk, it was just where people went to “hang out” and listen to the good old country music; not this new cr*p.

I was her ersatz kid when we went to “Parents Without Partners” or PWP family activities for singles and their kids. Bobbie was very witty. One time my dad (who maintained her car for her) asked how her green Ford LTD was doing. She said, “Well, my carburetor is “carbing”, my spark plugs are “sparking” and my PISTONS; well they’re working too.”

My other Grandma was the sweetest person ever besides my mama. One time I had picked her up from her apartment in my little Nissan Sentra and was driving her to my mom and dad’s house. It was winter, and I had my heater running, coming up through the floor vents. She must have gotten a bit “toasty” because she said, “Your heater works well.” Which was her precious way of saying, “I’m roasting alive already!.” We still laugh about that one.

Teen Kevin Droniak has a great relationship with his grandmother and is treasuring away his memories. The two like to drive and enjoy conversation. Unbeknownst to her; her grandson starting videotaping their silly conversations from a dash cam. The results have gone on to be an internet sensation because Kevin is constantly peppering their conversations with pop-culture tidbits that gramma has NO CLUE about!

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