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If the President were the Head Coach…

Christopher Harris

One of my favorite Americans in history, Booker T. Washington, once said, “No man, who continues to add something to the material, intellectual and moral well-being of the place in which he lives, is left long without proper reward.”  Well, I have said it before and I will say it again. “Historic” or not, if we were talking about the head coach of your favorite college or professional sports team, and he had FIVE STRAIGHT LOSING SEASONS, you would be calling for his butt to be fired!!

It wouldn’t matter to you AT ALL if the team had sucked for years before he got there. If your team not only continued to have losing seasons (and maybe even enduring an 0-16 season) after five years of him at the helm…you would still love your team…but you wouldn’t continue to watch their games, nor would you continue to financially support the team as long as that person continued to be the head coach.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…the head coach is not out there on the field, running, tackling, throwing, catching, or blocking, and it seems “unfair” to blame the head coach for the failings of the team. But time and history have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that THE RIGHT COACH…WITH THE RIGHT COACHING/LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY can turn just about any team into a winning team.

Vince Lombardi - Motivate

If you say otherwise…you are either a very dishonest person…or you just don’t have a flipping’ clue. Worse than that, you are probably too mentally lazy to go and get information that will prove that I am right, and you are 100% wrong. There is no middle-ground in this discussion. There is no “tie”. There is a right, and there is a wrong. There is winning, and there is losing.

I originally wrote this article as a note on my Facebook page, back in October 2012. At that time, I said, “In my humble opinion, Marvin Lewis should be fired as head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. He has been head coach since January 14, 2003, but his record over almost a decade is a very sub-par, 71–78–1 (.477). He has only had THREE WINNING SEASONS in NINE SEASONS as head coach.”

Now as of today, according to Cincinnati Bengals website, “Marvin Lewis in 2014 extends his Bengals-record head coaching tenure to 12 seasons. He has led his team to the postseason in four of the last five years, including three straight. The Bengals are one of only five NFL teams to be in the playoffs every year since 2011, and they are one of only six clubs to qualify as many as four times in five years.” But after two more seasons, his record is still a rather pedestrian 89–85–1 (.511).

Once again, when I originally wrote this piece back in October 2012, I said, “By comparison, Mike Tomlin has been the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers since January 22, 2007. During his five years as head coach, he has a record of 61–29–0 (.677). He has NEVER had a losing season, he has taken his team to the playoffs 4 times, won the division 3 times, and won a Superbowl.” I still stand my statement that Mike Tomlin has proven himself as a Head Coach, because even after two less than stellar, injury-riddled seasons, under his leadership, the Pittsburgh Steelers have STILL never had a losing season. His record after seven seasons is 76–44 (.633).

Herman Edwards is another great guy. He really tries to help mentor the young men that he coaches, so that they can not only be great football players, but have good lives. Unfortunately, in his five years as the Jets head coach, Edwards compiled a dismal 39–41 record, including a 2–3 record in the playoffs and a 5-15 stretch during his final 20 regular season games with the club.

But folks still believed in him as a man and as a coach, so he left the Jets to take over the Kansas City Chiefs. During his three seasons as head coach there, he compiled a crappy record of 15-33. His overall record as a Head Coach was 56-78-0 (.418), and he hasn’t coached a game since then. So obviously, according to the victim narrative, THE GOOD OL’ BOYS DIDN’T GIVE THE BROTHA A FAIR SHOT…RIGHT?!?!?!

Now, a head coach that I have a lot of respect for, is Tony Dungy. He took over an extremely crappy Tampa Bay Buccaneers squad in 1996. A team that had ABSOLUTELY NO HISTORY OR TRADITION OF WINNING!!! A team that had just experienced TWELVE CONSECUTIVE SEASONS OF 10-LOSS SEASONS. As to be expected, in 1996 they didn’t exactly win a Superbowl in his first season, they also lost 10 games and went 6-10.

HOWEVER, the very next season, they flipped that around and went 10-6, took second place in the division, and actually won a playoff game.

All told, in his six seasons as Head Coach of the Bucs, he had four winning seasons, took his team to the playoffs four times, won the division once, and took his team to the NFC Championship game. Now some might say that he got screwed over by the team owner, Malcolm Glazer, because Glazer fired Dungy right after the 2001 season. Dungy compiled a mediocre 56-46 (.549) record in his six seasons with the Bucs. But keep in mind…this was a team that was used to losing almost 2/3rds of it’s games every season. The guy who Glazer replaced him with, John Gruden, did win the Superbowl the very next year (by tweaking the offense), but in his seven seasons, Gruden only compiled a 60-57 (.512) record. Which leads one to question whether or not he could have taken over the Bucs and turned them from a crappy team into a winner like Dungy did.

Tony was blessed to have someone like Colts owner Jim Irsay, recognize his talents and leadership abilities, and he brought Dungy on as head coach. What followed over the next seven seasons was nothing short of spectacular. Seven straight seasons with no less than 10 wins. Seven straight seasons of making it to the play-offs. Never finishing less than 2nd place in the division, and winning the division, five years straight. Winning Super Bowl XLI and compiling a record of 92-33 (.736).

Dungy decided to retire in January 2009, with his overall record as a head coach at 148-79 (.651). He proved that he could take a REALLY CRAPPY TEAM, and turn it into a winning team, and he proved that he could take a mediocre team, and turn it into a championship team.

I am sure that Tyrone “Tye” Willingham is a wonderful guy. And after being the Head Coach at Stanford for seven seasons, a 44–36–1 record,  and four bowl game appearances, (which was the most by a Stanford coach since John Ralston, who left the school for the Denver Broncos of the NFL after the 1971 season)…I can completely understand why he looked to be a promising head coach, and why Notre Dame decided to choose him. After all, Stanford is a school with relatively high academic standards, just like Notre Dame…so he seemed to be a natural fit.


And boy did he START OUT HOT at Notre Dame?!?!?! On December 31, 2001, Willingham was hired as head coach at Notre Dame. Willingham began the 2002 season by going 8–0, and went on to become the only first-year coach in Notre Dame history to win 10 games.


BUT…in the 2002 regular-season finale, ND was blown out by arch-rival USC, 44–13, and was out-gained by over 500 yards (610-109), the worst such margin in school history. That loss knocked ND from a likely Bowl Championship Series berth down to the 2003 Gator Bowl—where they were summarily routed by North Carolina State, 28–6 The next season, the 2003 team finished 5–7 and was beaten badly in four of those losses, getting shut out twice in one season for the first time since 1960 and finishing with a point differential of 243–315, the worst of any Fighting Irish team since the 2–8 team of 1956.

In 2004, Notre Dame posted a 6–5 record in the regular season, including a 41–16 loss to Purdue (The second-worst home loss ever to Purdue) and ending with Willingham’s third consecutive loss to USC for his fifth loss by 30 points or more, and eighth by 22 points or more, in his three seasons. The following Tuesday, November 30, after an overall record in South Bend of 21–15, Notre Dame terminated Willingham as head coach. Defensive coordinator Kent Baer served as acting head coach for the Insight Bowl, a 38–21 loss to Oregon State.


Charlie Weis (a White guy), who was supposed to be an OFFENSIVE GURU (coming from the New England Patriots) came behind him, and over five seasons, he only compiled a mediocre 35–27 (.565) record, compared to Willingham’s 21-15 (.583) record over three seasons. So, yeah, the argument could be made that Willingham possibly did get the crappy end of the stick.

BUT, Willingham got another chance to show that he really is a good Head Coach, and that the situation at Notre Dame was an anomaly. So he is asked to take over at the University of Washington…another school with a proud tradition of football excellence. Well, over the next four seasons, they went 2-9, 5-7, 4-9….AND THEN 0-12. Yep, THEY LOST EVERY FLIPPING GAME!!!

So he was fired!!

THAT HAD TO BE RACISM…RIGHT?!?!?! They were holding THE BROTHA to a higher standard than they would hold “A WHITE BOY” to…RIGHT?!?!? Except for the fact that back in 2008, when coach Rod Marinelli had the misfortune to be the Head Coach of my beloved Detroit Lions, when they became the first non-expansion team to lose every game (0-16) in a full season since World War II. On December 26, 2008, at 1pm EST, the Detroit Lions traveled to Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin, and promptly lost, 31-21. That loss brought an end to the slow-death season. Shortly after the game, Coach Marinelli was fired, in addition to the majority of his coaching staff. His record during the 3 seasons with the Lions was 10–38 (.208), one of the worst in NFL history for a head coach with at least three years’ experience.

The average Black American (and the average guilt ridden White American) has no idea how much damage they are doing to America, by wholeheartedly supporting the current President FOR NO OTHER REASON than that the color of his skin makes his Presidency “historic”. His record shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a loser!! He looked good, smelled good, and talked good, heck, he might even be a really nice guy…BUT HE IS A LOSER AS A “HEAD COACH”!!! Okay, I will tone it down and say this…maybe he isn’t really so much of a “loser as a Head Coach”, but that he obviously wasn’t ready to be a “Head Coach” AT THIS LEVEL OF THE GAME. Maybe he was just elevated…beyond his competency…because the color of his skin would make his Presidency “HISTORIC”.

I will leave you with another quote from Booker T. Washington. He said, “The world cares little about what a man knows;it cares more about what a man is able to do.”  And in the case of Presidential politics, just like the case of being a Head Coach, I will say that, “The world cares less about what color a persons skin is; it cares more about whether or not a person can lead his team or country to victory.”

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