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Photojournalist of Evil

Leslie Brown

Perhaps when something seems abstract and unimaginable, it can be made light of. This cannot. Photojournalist James Foley died doing what he loved, but not like he planned.

James Foley had once worked for Stars and Stripes, a publication of the U.S. Armed Forces. As an American, he was probably a “jewel in the crown” of his captor, and James knew enough to know it too.

U.S. officials confirmed a grisly video released Tuesday showing Islamic State militants beheading Foley. Separately, Foley’s family confirmed his death in a statement posted on a Facebook page that was created to rally support for his release, saying they “have never been prouder of him.”

The decapitation of photojournalist James Foley simply highlights the glaring reality that was there all along. We just looked away at risk of being labeled an “intolerant bigoted Islamophobe”. We have tried to gloss over and soften the reality with terms like “multiculturism”, “globalism”, and “tolerance” but the fact is, with I.S.I.S. and with other radical Islamic groups, we are dealing with nothing short of barbarism.

We haven’t just tolerated this kind of behavior in our country, we have funded it-literally. Where is the outrage from the feminists about the recent selling of women in Tehran, Iran or Boko Haram’s suppression of the education of girls? Liberals are supposed to be “all about the cheeeldren”. Where is the outrage at the child “brides” forced to marry; a mere formality for rape.

The same women who bleat for free birth control, somehow grow mute hearing about wives being beaten, girls mutilated and both forced to dress in a certain way. Liberals try to blur the lines between good and evil; right and wrong like some slimy pony-tailed defense attorney.

Do we not have the guts to call things out for what they are anymore? Or call people out for who they are? I do. Islam is barbarism, plain and simple. Can you think of, or name one contribution from Islam to our society?

God is the God of love, life and peace. I see nothing but hate, death, and violence Arab “springing” up from Islam. Might that cause you to question who is behind this philosophy at the other end of the spectrum? I believe it is Satan himself, the father of lies, the great deceiver. WE are the ones who have been deceived enough to put up with this and allow any part of this “religion” into our country.

Our nation is now a “Crazy Cat Lady” of a nation who continues to set out food for the growing hordes. Unfortunately, this growing horde wants to chop off our collective heads.


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