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Tattoo YOU?

Leslie Brown

O.K.,O.K., I’m probably gonna take a lot of heat for this piece, but that’s fine! I’m gonna use meanypants LOGIC. Would you deface the Mona Lisa? Of course not; but the Mona Lisa was painted by a mere mortal. YOU are created in the image of GOD. I’m just sayin’

Just as feminists are essentially wagging their finger in the very face of God saying, “Hey buddy, I know better than you.” IN MY OPINION tattoos are like looking at your created body and telling God, “Meh, I can do better.” Now KEEP your shirt on! I don’t want to SEE any more of your tattoos for crying out loud!

Now, I’m not judging, because my ears are pierced and I wear VATS of eye-liner. I had to wait until I was 16 for the pierced ears…..well, really FIFTEEN cause one of my grammas said, “I’m HIS mom”, (re: my dad) and we both got our ears pierced for the first time together at MERLE NORMAN ha ha! What a fun gramma huh?

Can anyone give me a cogent argument why tattoos are any different from plastic surgery? Both involve a degree of risk, are expensive, vain, and permanent. Plastic surgery may be restorative or repair from accident or disease, but that is never the case with decorative tattoos. But hey, “hipsters”!

There is a ministry called “Disappearing Act” conducted by The Rock Church in Clairemont Mesa, California, that removes tattoos from people seeking a change in their life. This church is called a “Do Something Church”; description follows:

Do Something Church is a vibrant affiliation of churches dedicated to establishing Pervasive Hope in their communities through proactive community service. Do Something Church helps inspire, engage and equip churches to transform the communities around them through volunteerism. Do Something Church is also the parent organization of, which seeks to provide practical tools to launch and run outreach ministries. Both Do Something Church and are designed to be platforms for the exchange of real-world ideas and tools that educate, encourage and inspire meaningful service to transform communities and our world.

And YES, mom and dad, I am tattoo free…but one of my cousins…..


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