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Words Replaced by Deeds

Leslie Brown

Words mean absolutely, zip, nada, nothing, unless followed by deeds. What is the point of saying you are going to “do something” or “not do something” if it goes no further? That is exactly how this nation fell prey to the seduction of words, by merely listening to Obama.

Did Obama “slow the rise of the oceans”?

Did Obama leave office after the first term “if I don’t cut the deficit in half”.

Did Obama “Stop taking vacations”?

Did Obama provide the environment for the “most transparent administration ever?”

Did Obama ensure that “If you like your doctor/insurance you could keep them?”

Ummm, no, no, no, no, and another resounding “no”.

Missouri Highway Patrol Officer Ronald S. Johnson, a Ferguson, Missouri native is replacing words with deeds and quietly walking with the protesters, and sharing what they have in common instead of being divided by what they don’t. Ferguson freely dispenses hugs and kisses to community members.

“When I see a young lady cry because of fear of this uniform, that’s a problem.” Johnson said. “We’ve got to solve that.” “it means a lot to me personally that we break this cycle of violence.”

Ronald S. Ferguson

Aren’t we all clothed in a “uniform” of skin? Might it be a brown, pink or black uniform? Might it be a uniform of a leader, a preacher, or a homeless person? The uniforms are all the same, just a different “dye lot” it you will. It is the actions that emanate from the uniform that matter.
Words are cheap.

Is a homeless “bum” capable of ministering as much as a pastor? Of course. Can a pastor be as destructive as gang member? Sadly, yes again. Can a man with “the right words” destroy a nation? “Yes he can”. Can a bigger God than of all of these put things right again? Without a doubt. We just have to let Him.

ronald s. ferguson

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