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It’s an “Accountability?” “Meh, whatevs”- World.

Leslie Brown

Like my husband is a magnet for drunk drivers, having had cars totalled and his spine damaged by THREE count em’ THREE of them; I seem to be a magnet for organizations with lack of accountability.

In May of 2003 I was walking to class on the first day of school on my next-to-last-semester at University Texas at Dallas. I was walking along, minding my own bidness only to have legs fly out from under me on a rain-wet floor landing with all of my weight on my right elbow. Good times!

Some “multicultural” students came to my aid. I was crying a little mainly due to embarrassment, but being the responsible person I am, I took the elevator upstairs in Green Hall and told my instructor that I was going to have to miss class and to head to the university clinic.

At the clinic, two different nurses examined my arm (there was no x-ray machine at the clinic), and concluded my elbow (third hardest bone in the body F.Y.I.) was broken. The kicker is………THEY WOULD NOT FREAKIN’ EVEN DRIVE ME TO THE HOSPITAL WHEN I HAD A BROKEN RIGHT ARM! Liability dontchaknow. Y’all, I can’t make this stuff up! They were ever so kind to ask if I drove a “standard” or “automatic”, bless their hearts…… So, I did what any woman who delivered her own first child would do,(another story) and drove myself! In all fairness, the hospital was less than a mile away.

Yep, it was broken, and I had to have not only one but TWO surgeries to fix it. I had gotten a job the DAY BEFORE for a caterer too, so I had to quit that. Super!

Do you think the University took any responsibility or accountability whatsoever? Meh. Being the shy one that I am, I met with the President of the University at the time, Franklin Jennifer. He was a very nice man. I “jacked” one of those complimentary U.T.D. coasters they had in his office for a souvenir, but do you think he did ANYTHING? Ummm, no. This pretty much soured my pursuit of my graduate degree at U.T.D., switching to S.M.U.

Yes, I sought an attorney, but the attorney said since this was a STATE university, that they would be up against the Attorney General, so “good luck with that”. Years later I got up in the face or our current A.G. when I was volunteering for his opponent, but that’s another story, for another day.

Fast forward to our current administration where 47 Inspector Generals have been obfuscated by “the most transparent administration evah!” What a sad state of affairs we live in when huge organizations are more concerned with CYA than the well being of human beings. It’s like a MACRO-cosm of the Good Samaritan. It’s a corporate “Meh, whatevs”. If it doesn’t affect me personally, who cares?
A “dated” video but so cringingly delicious I wanted to share.


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