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It’s Like a Cable-Knit Sweater…..

Leslie Brown

My poor husband. You know how people quote lines out of movies? Well, I do that a lot, but it’s always the same FIVE movies or so because movies involve TWO WHOLE HOURS OF SITTING STILL! It’s torture!

One movie that I quote A LOT, I actually saw at the theatre with my little brother. Sitting still through a movie that I am paying good money to see is waaaay easier, although the last movie I saw in the theatre was “Larry Crowne”. I’m not kidding. Well anyway, I love the line from Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure, “It’s like a cable knit-sweater that just keeps on knitting and knitting and knitting….”

There is a similar analogy that is much more cerebral and PROFOUND-sounding about the breeze produced by the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings,

In the 1960s, Edward Lorenz, an MIT meteorologist popularized the notion of the butterfly effect. He wrote that “an infinitesimal shift in the weather – say, the turbulence caused by a butterfly flapping its wings – can set in motion atmospheric events that climax in a hurricane. Such events are for all practical purposes unpredictable.”

Lyle J. Arnold Jr.

What IF, our nation we had been electing men of integrity all along for President of the United States? One could look much further back, but let’s start with Kennedy. Although Kennedy would be considered a “Republican” today, face it; he was a “horn-dog”. If we will ever learn the true end of Kennedy is unknown to me. Kennedy put our nation at incredible risk of international black-mail by not “keeping it in his pants”. This segued us into ANOTHER “horn-dog” with L.B.J. of “I’ll have those nig**rs voting Democratic for the next 200 years” fame, by rewarding sloth and promiscuity, I might add. LBJ also decimated our once wise restrictions on immigration with the Hart-Cellar plan in 1964.

Say what you will about Nixon, but he was a foreign policy genius what with his reaching out to China. Nixon was a fallen man as we all are. The third-rate burglary on the DNC was bad enough, but ultimately it was the COVER-UP that was his undoing. Carter was the “antithesis” of Nixon, and a decent human being, however an idiot. Now Reagan, was a godly man, who truly loved God and was a man of integrity. Our nation prospered under him, the Iron Curtain, came down and the FIRST Cold War ended. He was not perfect however. I believe he was too soft on immigration himself. In my opinion, after Reagan, we have not had a Republican ever since.

Clinton will be accountable to the Lord for sullying the Oval Office of our United States government by having adulterous sex with an intern, and then LYING about it to the American people? Can you believe our President lowered himself to parsing words to the extent of “It depends what the meaning of the word IS, IS”. SERIOUSLY???? You can’t make this stuff up! This man was the KEYNOTE SPEAKER for the 2012 National Democratic Convention where God and support for Israel were literally booed!

Are you getting the picture of how we need to get back to God and godly principles? I haven’t EVEN ragged on Obama because the field is too ripe for the picking! Wake up y’all! Character matters. That’s what the Bible and Martin Luther King Jr. have been telling us ALL ALONG! Division by color is simply a diversionary tactic; character is colorless. is for patriots of all color.

Video is nothing short of pathetic, it embarrasses me VICARIOUSLY.

War on Poverty - black stats

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