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My husband; my hero

Leslie Brown

My husband has rescued me; more than once. You see, I was running myself into the ground quite literally when I met him. In 2006, I had completed three marathons, and weighed but 106 pounds at 5’4″.

A pastor once called him a “stiff drink”; this is a compliment in my opinion. My husband will tell you the straight, unvarnished and unadulterated truth. We can all clearly see where “Kool-Aid” flavored lies have taken this country.

What I saw in my husband back in 2007, was man who did not quit. That simple quality, and his truthfulness, won my heart. His first child was born to him after waiting some fifteen years. When he divorced, he was not just a “weekend dad”; he insisted on having his daughter every other week.

When he lost a everything he had through no fault of his own; he did not quit. He lost a business of over twenty years, acreage, horses, a house, and vehicles. He had to declare bankruptcy, but paid it off a year early. In all of this time he missed one child support payment; two years paying much more than the standard 20% the state requires.

With a decimated job market in Dallas, due largely to illegals who under-cut the pay scale; he went back to school. Wind Technology we thought was a brilliant choice what with the all of the “green-energy” mantra of the time. It turns out that the wind industry is but a “house of cards”, propped up by subsidies like so many other lies of this administration.

With the blessing of our daughters and ex’s, we picked up and moved out West. We lived largely apart for the better part of two years, so he could attend school and I could work in a larger town. He went on to graduate with honors.

A few months after graduating, he got a job in the wind industry. Sadly, it was not revealed in the classroom that his spine was not up to the physical rigors of the job. Climbing the towers was not the problem. That was a piece of cake for him; it was the working over his head with incredible weight. You see, the three different D.U.I. drivers who have hit him have damaged his spine. In one of the wrecks he was at a dead-stop, only to be rear-ended by a car going 65 m.p.h. It’s like my poor husband has had sign posted on him that instead of reading, “kick me”, it says, “Total my recently paid off vehicle and damage my spine while you’re at it!”.

Six months he worked in the wind industry. We were on one income at the time, and he was having to go to the chiropractor up to five times a week (with no insurance) just to function. These were rough days indeed. On the weekends of this time period, he would literally sleep all weekend because he we was so exhausted both from fighting, and hiding the pain. During this time, I saw the man drain his own knee, more times than I can count.

The only time in our marriage we have purchased liquor was so he could use it for the Old-West-low-budget anesthetic qualities it offered for self-treatment. You may say, “They don’t sell needles at the pharmacy.”. Trust me, the ones for the 60 ml. or 60 c.c. syringes they do. No one in their right mind would use those recreationally!

We have $20,000 in student loans now that were not for naught I suppose. My husband now knows “electricity” in addition to everything else he knows. I thought the many wind turbines on the horizon around where we live would be a cruel reminder every time I saw them, but you know what? I’m very proud of my college boy; later a “turbine cowboy” and glad he got to do it (he DID gain the “Freshman Fifteen” at school- let me tell you!)

Still, my husband has not quit. It turns out that there are so few men of integrity out there, that the only way he will get to work for one is to work for himself. Honey, I love you, and you are my hero.

The heart-wrenching comment I found posted below this video would not happen in an Unhyphenated America.

Everytime I listen to this song it reminds me.of my girlfriend and I, we can barely see each other because I’m part black and part white, doesn’t like me. We’ve been together for about six months and been through alot. I miss her so much, but I promised her I wouldn’t give up on us.

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