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Saved by a Baby

Leslie Brown

I have no biological sisters, but I have some of the most amazing “sisters” nevertheless. My best friend introduced me to these ladies in early 2012. Without hesitation, I can tell you these ladies have changed both the lives of me and my husband.

Most of these ladies are not my age; they are named Pearl, Wanda, Shirley, Betty, “Cricket”, Marlene, Shirley, Mary, Jackie, and the like. Many women my age are the daughters of feminists who don’t cook or clean, and let their husband’s “leave the house hungry” (NOT referring to food). They tend to gravitate towards emasculated men, as they are the sons of feminists, or those who lacked a strong male influence in their life.

Well, if you love God, try to follow Him, and especially if you have no television or iphone, you just might hear His voice.

One of my “sisters” was brutally raped by two men when she was but a 16 year old virgin. A “friend” basically set her up as a sacrificial lamb as payment for drugs. She was left in a field, bruised, battered and bloody, covered with dirt, sweat and worse. She made her way to the nearest house for help, when the rapists finally left her alone in the dirt. When the local sheriff got to the house, he began to sob. He said, “I didn’t know it was a little girl”, (my friend is a good bit smaller than me, and I’m 120 pounds).

Now mind you, this was nearly some forty years ago, yet the retelling of the story made her break down. Just nearing the time of year in which it happened, (more specifically the DATE it happened) brought torment. After she finished her riveting story, God put some words in my mouth, because I swear, this was NOT my idea. I said, “Let’s go to the nursery of a hospital, and find a baby born on that date, and when you think of that date, you can have something good to replace it with, and you can pray for that baby.”, and so we did.

The day came, several weeks later and I panicked. Which of the two hospitals in town do I go to? What if there is no baby born today? I ended up choosing the hospital of which I knew where the nursery was, since I had blood work drawn there at the lab.

After a lunch together at McAllister’s, we went to the hospital. I was scared to death; I should have just trusted God. We got to the nursery and we stood up on the riser, or step that allowed us “shorties” to peer in. There was just one baby, a kinda,’ scrawny baby off to the left side. Was this the baby? I wanted CLARITY! As we stood there, an incubator was wheeled in, dead center of the window. Inside was a BIG, beautiful, baby boy. We could see the LAST name, but of course, there was no first name on the tag. WHILE we were flippin’ standing there, still on the riser, the father and the grandmother of the baby came in to the room where we were. We didn’t tell them why we were there thinking they would think we were really weird or “creepers”, but we DID get the baby’s NAME!

Still standing on the riser, my cell-phone rang. I had just gotten a job! It was a temporary, part-time job working for a Regional Advisory Council. My boss was a male flight nurse, who just may have saved my life two months later. My friend and I just looked at each other and couldn’t believe all of the “God things” that were going on. I left a birthday cake with my friend for the baby’s birthday, and scurried off to fill out paperwork for my new job in which I did a lot of editing, (I’m now an editor).

I tell you this story because this baby helped to heal my friend. Closure is very, very hard with no apology or explanation, and no responsibility ever taken. Do you think the sort of people who could do what they did to my friend, have it IN them to apologize? Did our Lord and Savior Jesus ever get an apology? Do I deserve better? One of the rapists was eventually caught, the other never was, and the “friend” who set her up died of a brain tumor on my friend’s birthday.

So NINE MONTHS LATER, (I kid you not), my friend is helping me be “saved by a baby” because you see my husband and I have been through a huge emotional, physical, financial, spiritual (but not CRIMINAL ha ha!) trial. We had over twenty five thousand dollars either shorted to us in postings to the Attorney General, outright stolen, or word broken on; promised questions, never answered. The stress of the ordeal sent me to the hospital for an additional five thousand dollars because we have no insurance.

We followed the Biblical protocol EVERY step of the way, only for them to hide behind both cowardice and the skirt of their organization. We even got the “go-ahead” from our pastor to sue these people, and pronouncement of a viable case by our attorney. But we realized that my health was not worth it, and that God is the final judge. There are just some people out there that are such frauds that they make Obama look legit. There are organizations out there that just “play”, much as children play “house”. I also learned that not only can happiness not be bought, it cannotbe stolen.

But, the most important thing is, although this group of adults may be a lost cause at their age,
a young lady and former student is not. We the poor country folks, not “of the cloth”, had the opportunity to teach a lesson that was apparently never learned by the instigator in all of this. So, we did what we were told to do by God; we bought them a baby gift.

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