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Liberalism…..let me try to explain

Leslie Brown

Liberals….it’s hard to even FATHOM how these people think; they DO think. They just don’t think LONG-TERM.

Let me give you an analogy. We have a fairly young dog. She is a wonderful dog.  We are nuts about her, but we are still training her in a couple of areas. One area that we are still working on, is that we will not allow her to yank my arm out of its socket with the leash, so that she can go barkingly berate a dog behind a chain link fence.

Now this other dog might even be sticking his tongue out at her, who knows? But it can set off a raucous chain-reaction of doggie, “Oh yeah? Well whaddya gonna do about it? Why don’t you try and make me?! Why don’t you try and make ME! Oh yeah, well I hear your mother’s a bi*ch and sneaks under the fence!”

We will have none of that. I could get hurt, ALL the dogs get riled up, and I have been known to inadvertently drop a profanity too…plus we have no health insurance. So, since we are CONSERVATIVES, what we do is, whenever she does this, (hopefully at the BEGINNING of the walk if she’s gonna do it) is march her little furry arse back home. We put her in the house, tell her to “lie down” and then I go on MY walk without her. Too bad, so sad. Cry me a river pooch.

Well, to a lib, this is cruel and meanypants. No, my husband I are just thinking LONG TERM and about CONSEQUENCES and RAMIFICATIONS. It’s like if you had a toddler who were to walk out into a busy street, you SHOULD “blister their bottom”. Why? Because the possible LONG-TERM effects are far graver than a “busted bottom”.

Are you “wrapping your head around this”? I hate that phrase BTW. So, in the 60’s when all of this liberal stupidity really ramped up, we weren’t “training the dog”, we were “screwing the pooch”. Sixties thinking….courtesy LBJ…”It would be so intolerant, meanypants, racist and xenophobic for us not to let just ARSE-loads of immigrants in to our country. WE have it so much better than them, and it is our DUTY to “help” them.” Nevermind the fact our immigration policies USED to have some LOGIC behind them, and for the very good reason of a COHESIVE SOCIETY.

So, because welcoming a lot of people (train-loads and bus-loads, actually) in to our country made libs feel good at the MOMENT;  let’s see what happened. Now we have pockets, and entire compounds of people who want to TAKE OVER OUR COUNTRY AND CHOP OFF OUR HEADS (unless of course we choose to “convert” to THEIR way of thinking). We have pretty much thrown away the treasure that had been kept “in-check” for nearly 200 years; not 400, Sheila.

“Liberals don’t think long-term, just whatever makes them feel morally superior at the moment.” LB

(This slide-show of a video is kinda’ “spicy” but no worse than you would see on stupid T.V. But who wants to see the pictures??? You probably just want to close your eyes, lean back and just DRINK IN the beauty that is this classic song… kidding!)


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