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Adolf Loves Meg!

Leslie Brown

I’m not a fiction reader or writer in any shape, form or fashion, but indulge me for a moment. I was wondering if Adolf Hitler and Margaret Sanger,(founder of Planned Parenthood) had met, would they have “hit if off”?

Humor me, while I mix some facts in this MADE UP satire about the two. Facts will be designated with bold print. Consider everything else to be merely a “marshmallow creme” of nonsense with which to adhere the facts and satire into a “Goo Goo Cluster” if you will.

Meg and Adolf met in 1932 after he became a political force to be reckoned with. She was immediately drawn to his striking moustache, he to her charming cloche hat. The two had lost parents at a fairly young age, she 19 and he 14. They both had visions of improving the genetics of their countrymen through eugenics and the forced sterilization of the “mentally incompetent”. They both gave speeches on eugenics to their countrymen and or promoted policies which murdered millions.
Adolf was ten years older than Meg, a reasonable gap.  Everything thing about him and everyone told Meg that Adolf was a control freak, but he meant well, and besides Meg’s knees just went all loosy-goosy when he did the whole “Heil” thing with his board-straight arm up at an angle.

I’m SO thinking it would have worked….

goo goo


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