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Metamorphosis: Liberal Style

Leslie Brown

I live in the country, and so far this summer, we have had more rain than the past several years combined it seems. We have wildflowers galore and the butterfly “groupies” they attract. Butterflies are beautiful, miraculous and at times, able to climb to amazing heights. They learn the “climb” all on their own.

The stages of the butterfly of course, (from the 4th grade life-science classroom) are egg, pupa, larva, chrysalis and butterfly. The chrysalis is where God performs his special handiwork, somehow shaping a doughy, creepy-looking “worm” into a delicate and “feather-light” bit of brightness that appears sometimes in the most unexpected places. Churchyards, graveyards, or prison yards; butterflies don’t discriminate.

Breaking free and emerging from the chrysalis for the butterfly is a struggle. They start and stop, taking breaks, or it seems collapsing, only to try once again. If one is pained by watching the struggling creature, one could jump in and “SAVE THE DAY” and hence “BE THE HERO”.

Maybe they could ever-so-gently, and carefully take a pair of tiny Scherenschnitte scissors (it was an 80’s thing) cutting an ever lengthening slit to release the lemmeouttahere captive. There’s only one problem. If one helps a butterfly out of their chrysalis, they will die; because you see, it is the struggle that forms, strengthens, activates their wings and streamlines their body.

Isn’t this sorta what liberals (and indulgent parents) do through entitlements, “Affirmative Action”, lowered educational standards, and lack of accountability?

Liberals don’t think “long-term”, just whatever makes them feel morally superior at the moment. me


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