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Lie LIKE a dog, or TO a dog?

Leslie Brown

I had something kind of weird happen yesterday, but it was really a good thing. I realized I couldn’t break my word; not even to a dog.

My hubby had to be at work at 5:30 yesterday, so I got up with him at 4:30 a.m.   I try to walk our very active pooch twice a day. I didn’t walk her yesterday morning because mainly, I had a busy day, but I looked at her, and told her, “I’ll take you later.”   She knows the word “later”.

When I got home in the heat of the afternoon, I was hot, irritable and this dang bag I was bringing in the house disassembled into a mere sheet of paper dropping the contents, um, EVERYWHERE on the gravel driveway.  One of the items was a cosmetics item, so this was SERIOUS.

I was going to go online to our site and write my afternoon piece, but I saw that Chris had just posted a timely piece on seat-belt wearing and freedom, for the holiday weekend.   I went, “Phew” and was going to lie down and take a nap, but then guilt overcame me. I had told the dog I would take her later, so I couldn’t relax.  I was, happy however, that my conscience wouldn’t allow me to break my word, not even to a dog….so I took her.

As I was walking her, I was given the idea for the piece I wrote last night called, “Happy MORE Dependents Day!” It was really laid on my heart, and it has a lot of passion in it.

I’m glad I can’t lie to my dog. There are others out there that comfortably “lie like a dog”.


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