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How popular are cars that are “Made in America”?

Christopher Harris

We here at Unhyphenated America believe in CAPITALISM and THE FREE MARKET (may the best product/good/service win), but WE LOVE IT when something “American Made” is #1.

For the second year in a row, the Ford F-150 is not only THE MOST “American-Made” vehicle sold in America (Ford sold 763,402 of it’s F-Series Trucks in 2013)…but it is THE BEST SELLING TRUCK in America.

Most American-Made Car - UA edit

As FREE MARKETS open up around the world, logically, companies are expanding their operations globally, in order to reduce production costs and remain competitive and profitable. In order to make the “American-Made Index”, a vehicle has to be built in the U.S., with a domestic-parts content of 75 percent or higher. Back in 2011, only three model years ago, there were 30 vehicles that met the 75 percent qualifier, but this year, only 13 models qualified. This model year, 6 of the Top-10 “Most American-Made” vehicles were from Japanese branded automakers. Click here for a slideshow of the Top-10.

Unfortunately for General Motors Co., while they saw a 2.1 percent increase in revenue, for a total of $155,427 Million, their profits for 2013 dropped by 13.6 percent, down to $5,346 Million. Meanwhile, across town, the company that didn’t take a government bailout, Ford Motor Co., not only saw their profits rise by 9.4 percent, for a total of $146,917 Million, but their profit margin grew by an astounding 26.3 percent, for a net total of $7,155 Million.

Even still, 2013 was generally a good year for Detroit automakers, at least in terms of increased revenue, as they combined for nearly 7.4 million vehicles sold last year in the U.S., a 13.5 percent increase from 2012. The company formerly known as General Motors Co., but now more accurately known as “Government Motors Co.”, led all automakers with nearly 2.8 million vehicles sold. Ford Motor Co. was close behind at 2.5 million; Toyota Motor Corp. at 2.2 million and Chrysler Group LLC at 1.8 million.

Here is a list of the Top-20 best selling vehicles in America, and the number of vehicle sold. Note that half of the vehicles on the list are American brand vehicles.

1. Ford F-Series- 763,402

2. Chevrolet Silverado- 480,414

3. Toyota Camry- 408,484

4. Honda Accord- 366,678

5. Ram pickup- 355,673

6. Honda Civic- 336,180

7. Nissan Altima- 320,723

8. Honda CR-V- 303,904

9. Toyota Corolla- 302,180

10. Ford Escape- 295,993

11. Ford Fusion- 295,280

12. Chevrolet Cruze- 248,224

13. Hyundai Elantra- 247,912

14. Chevrolet Equinox- 238,192

15. Ford Focus- 234,570

16. Toyota Prius- 234,228

17. Toyota Rav4- 218,249

18. Hyundai Sonata- 203,648

19. Chevrolet Malibu- 200,594

20. GMC Sierra- 184,389

I guess that means “Made in America” still sells!!

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