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I thought only KIDS made PRANK phone calls!

Leslie Brown

I received an email from Deneen Borrelli yesterday, asking me to help spread the word on the nothing-short-of-prepubescent behavior that took place in Mississipi slamming a Tea Party candidate this week, so I shall. It seems that in an attempt to retain power, an “establishment” candidate of the G.O.P. resorted to get this…PRANK phone calls slamming the opponent by calling him, wait for it……RAACCIIISSST!

Seriously? How pathetic. Have we de-evolved to a playground mentality in this country? You know, if words ARE the “be all end all”, and NOT actions or character, let’s make OBAMA head of the EPA! No, the EPA is too SMALL to contain his brilliance. It needs to be something WORLDWIDE since he can…

“Slow the rise of the oceans”.

O.K., now I’m sure you’re dying to HEAR the prank, actually “ROBO-calls” (more efficient). Too bad we didn’t have those back in the day of “Is your refrigerator running?….Well, you had better go CATCH it!”

You know why the Republican Establishment and the DC-insiders fear us. They want to keep their gravy train rolling. They want unlimited spending and bigger government. That’s why they’re spending millions attacking patriotic conservatives like you and me.

~Deneen Borelli

This video is courtesy Wayne Dupree, a friend of mine. In the video, also note my boss, (The MAN) Kevin Jackson, my Twitter buddy Lloyd Marcus, Ben Carson, and Stefani Carter who I was to work for when she was going to run for Texas Railroad Commissioner. We’re in this fight together peeps!

UPDATED – We are not Uncle Tom’s, We are Proud Black Conservatives On the Move w/Names (Enhanced) from Wayne Dupree on Vimeo.


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