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“Virtual” Sidewalk Counselors?

Leslie Brown

Where might a woman (or anyone, for that matter) turn for anonymous counsel these days? The Internet of course! Brian Fisher had an idea; a great idea to somehow “run interference” and provide an “online” helping hand, or listening ear, to a woman considering an abortion

“I thought if we could basically go to where the women who are hurting are, which is online — there’s 2 million Internet searches a month for abortion terms in the United States” — it would have a huge impact, he said. “So that’s where the mission field is, if you will.”

Online for Life has saved 1,976 babies thus far, by both providing pro-life links to those searching for abortion providers, as well as funding mobile sonogram equipment in areas that are lacking. Dallas, Texas has been able to raise from 3% the number of women reached with a pro-life message to 18%.

“When you have the honor of participating in saving someone’s life, and you recognize that that can be done over and over again, for the betterment of the family,” he explained. “Not to fill yourself up, but because you recognize the joy that happens when someone who was about to make an abortion decision chooses life and feels the blessings of parenthood and childhood because of it or adoption.”  Brian Fisher

The joy on the faces below, not to mention a face that wouldn’t be there at all, say it all.

online for life TashaUA prolife


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