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How Much Could YOU Forgive?

Leslie Brown

It has been said that holding a grudge, or lack of forgiveness is like swallowing poison and hoping the other person dies.

A Florida mother chose to forgive, likely one of the most difficult things any of us humans here on earth possibly could; forgiving the killer of her child. Of course she didn’t have to forgive the young man, but she did.

Initially Ady De Jesus supported a harsh sentence for the young man; fifteen at the time of the crime.  What changed her mind? Maybe she realized that nothing could ever bring her daughter’s life back, and by not forgiving, the loss would be doubled with her life as well.

Ady later pushed for a more lenient sentence for Jordyn Howe; part of which includes traveling the state of Florida with her to speak to schools about the dangers of guns.  Ady has no more “teachable moments” with which to share with her daughter, but she can reach untold people reach now.

Jordyn’s life will never be the same; I’m sure he could spend the rest of it with regret and self-loathing.  But, maybe as he and Ady travel the state speaking together, he will be an agent of change for others and somehow grasp the extent of God’s love for him, demonstrated by a grieving mother.


  quote: Alan Cohen


Note the gentleman in the background trying not to cry watching the hug.

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