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Beyonce goes GOSPEL?

Leslie Brown

Beyonce has a new gospel song recorded with former band mates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland of “Destiny’s Child”. I found this sort of surprising what with the direction she seemed to be heading, but I think it is AWESOME!

I believe a lot of the joy in life is to be found be by working hard towards goals and then achieving them. Some people get fixated on the material things of this life. When one has the money and means to literally buy ANY thing you what; what then? I think it would be the ultimate denouement, and besides, I have never seen a hearse with a “U-Haul” have you? In other words you can’t take it with you.

Yesterday, I learned a young friend of mine’s mother-in-law had been found dead the day before at age 53 from an apparent heart-attack. Last summer I lost a friend who was 42 to a heart-attack (she thought she had indigestion) and another friend of fifteen years to cancer at age 45. It’s sort of a “wake-up call” huh?

In this country, and world, for that matter, it’s not about “Left” and “Right”, it’s about “right” and “wrong”. Beyonce stands as role-model to millions of young girls whether she likes it or not. What does she portray? FORGET about standing on a stage to accept a Grammy, someday we are going to be standing in front of the King of Kings. Will YOU be ready?

I’m more of a U.2. and R.E.M. fan myself, but this song ROCKS!



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