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Leslie Brown

Maybe, because I grew up with Monty Python and SNEAKING, yes, sneaking Saturday Night Live with my little brother, (sorry Dad); I have a quirky sense of humor.

Or maybe, its because I have parents who are RESPONSIBLE ADULTS, who had little tolerance for those who feel sorry for themselves; they called it, “soaking in their juices of sorrow”. That said, I think the following video scenario is a hoot and satire at its best!

Patriot James O’Keefe, who exposed fraud within ACORN by secretly video-taping their unethical practices, pulls a “good one” on Rutgers University. Rutgers University recently blocked brilliant Condoleezza Rice for speaking at a commencement because she does not “drink from the liberal fount” of such intellectual giants such as Joe Biden and Sheila Jackson Lee.

O’Keefe pretends to be a member of an Irish Heritage Foundation who is offended by the serving of “Lucky Charms” in the university cafeteria. He cites that the leprechaun on the box of cereal portrays a gross stereotype by showing “a little green-clad, gnome and huckster”.

Watch and see what happens, it is truly magically delicious!

P.S. I trust that you eat your “Lucky Charms” in the “correct” manner, by eating all of the oat cereal FIRST and leaving all of the marshmallows for a treat at the end….

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