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Firefighters Fulfill a Dying Wish

Leslie Brown

Firefighters are near and dear to me since I’m married to a former firefighter, and my grandfather was a firefighter. Their brotherhood recently helped a dying man to live out his last wish.

The fire department of Kirkland, Washington recently partnered with a local hospice center to provide safe transit for a dying man to return once again to the beautiful forests of Washington state where he had been a forest ranger.

If you have ever been to the forests of Washington state, they are beautiful indeed; serene, quiet, and deeply covered in both lush ferns and pine needles which combine to make a smell as good as they look.

Those who would lay down their very lives in pursuit of the protection of both people and property, including such a forest, are amazing people indeed. Kindness takes many forms, and this one was but a trip, one last trip to be among the beauty he was a guardian of for many years.

“It’s these experiences, that make end-of-life care so important. People sometimes think that working in hospice care is depressing, This story…demonstrates the depths of the rewards that caring for the dying can bring.”

To experience the sights and sounds of the Olympic Forest, watch below-even go to sleep to it!

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