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“LOGIC Free-Zone”

Leslie Brown

Sometimes, I walk outside to my car in the evenings if I have left something in it, or just to make sure it is locked. Imagine doing just that, and being grabbed by two gunmen who lead you back to your home with a gun held to your head.

That, is what happened in a St. Louis neighborhood this week, and the person who went out to their car was a teenage girl. Fortunately, her father employed his Second Amendment right defending not only his daughter, but his young son, wife and himself.

If guns were to be outlawed in quest of some sort of “liberal utopia”, I doubt that the type of person who would grab a young girl and threaten her life would say, “Aw, DANG it, I have to give up my gun, they’ve been OUTLAWED!”

This is why liberals who proudly tout gun control, are a bit hesitant to place a sign in their own yard reading,”Proudly, a gun-free zone”. Does it make any sense whatsoever to have equally ridiculous signs in schools? “Aw, DANG it! I WAS gonna vent my rage toward society and pick off some elementary school kids, but that sign says,”GUN FREE ZONE”!”

The video at the very bottom of the page is from one of my favorite patriots, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas. He and his crew are posing as “Citizens Against Senseless Violence”. They visited the homes of journalists working for the Westchester Journal News, MSNBC, and the Star-Ledger. They also visited the home of Eric Holder. None of them would take a sign that reads, “THIS HOME IS PROUDLY GUN FREE.”

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