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Refugee from a REAL War on Women

Leslie Brown


Imagine, being taken from your home, during the night, still in your nightgown… somehow that doesn’t seem too far-fetched anymore does it? That is exactly what happened to Angele Nogue of Cameroon.

What was her crime or infraction? Well, apparently the tumultuous government of Cameroon perceived Angele to be a threat (or maybe she just made them look bad), for her activism helping women and children in her country.

Ms. Nogue had a successful business in interior decorating with 18 employees, but went on to use her blessings to establish an orphanage of 200 children from the streets.

“I was defending women and children’s rights,” she said. “I was not doing anything bad.”

After later escaping from prison in Cameroon, Angele was able to seek asylum in the United States in 2011, where Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York has helped her in tangible ways by providing her with blankets and even a lap top computer for her studies in nursing.

As long as churches are made up of imperfect people, there will always be imperfections in the church, but they are out there, meeting needs every day and caring for the body and soul of victims of real wars.

On that note, remember when Mitt Romney was lambasted for his “binders full of women” comment during a debate by the media?  Watch the one minute video below and see if you can figure out what warranted the excoriation he received, especially in light of this story; it kind of puts things in perspective.

Evil “meanypants” Romney…..


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