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Inspiration Drawn From a Stranger

Leslie Brown

Just knowing that someone cares, even if that person lives overseas and you’ve never met them in person, can still make a difference in a person’s life.

Brian Fleming has had battles with obesity and alcohol for years. He felt he would never be able to escape his self-imposed prison of 600 pounds until he met Jackie. Jackie lives in England, Brian in Michigan. They met online, playing a “Pictionary-type” game.

Through interaction in the game “Draw Something”, Brian and Jackie developed a friendship.
Jackie has had some struggles of her own, primarily suffering a disease that is similar to muscular dystrophy. To have even a chance at a somewhat normal life, Jackie has to be vigilant about her diet and exercise regimen.

Hearing of Brian’s self-sabotage and its consequences, Jackie would have “none of it”, knowing that with change, he could get better. “Tough love” and knowing that someone cared were the impetus that Brian needed to turn his life around, and he did, to the tune of 380 pounds.

A kind and caring friendship might be all someone needs to take charge of their life, their health and then, maybe even pay it forward.

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